Maryjo's Solitude Story - Week 4 Intro

June 6, 2024 • Maryjo Sorensen

Showing Up is Half the Battle

June 9, 2024 • Brian Faught

Are life's challenges weighing you down? In this message, Pastor Brian talks about the act of showing up in alignment with God’s values– how this can bring purpose and peace to our daily lives. Through personal stories and the powerful example of Elijah, we'll learn how to hear God's gentle whisper amid our daily chaos. We'll identify practical ways to incorporate the spiritual discipline of solitude into our routines– deepening our connection with God and ultimately discovering the peace of His presence.

Prayer as Friendship

June 2, 2024 • Paul A. Berthiaume

Can you imagine holding your breath all day? It seems impossible, doesn’t it? Living a fulfilling Christian life without prayer is just as unthinkable. In Week 3 of “Summer in the Son,” we explore the essential role of prayer, described as the heartbeat of our faith and our spiritual muscle memory. Though many struggle with prayer, it holds transformative power. Curious about making prayer as vital as the air you breathe this summer? Watch Pastor Paul's message to learn how.

John's Prayer Story - Week 3 Intro

May 31, 2024 • John VandeVoort