A Tribute • TSOU S2 E126


May 31, 2023 • Paul Berthiaume, Joshua (Shua) Skøyen, Brian Faught

As we come to the passage on The Golden Rule we pause to remember a man that truly lived it out in our day and age. --with special guest Pastor Brian Faught

Is it possible to love Jesus and hate the Church? • TSOU S3 E2

September 20, 2023 • Paul Berthiaume, Joshua (Shua) Skøyen

At its best, the Church is stunningly beautiful. Innovative, creative, honoring God and caring for humanity. But at its worst, it can cause devastating harm. How do we make sense of this dichotomy?

This Year on Season 3! • TSOU S3 E1

September 13, 2023 • Paul Berthiaume, Joshua (Shua) Skøyen

We’re baaaaack! New season, new intro, and a preview of the year ahead of us!  (Lead Pastor Paul Berthiaume and Worship Pastor Joshua Skøyen)

Motherhood Perspective • TSOU S2 E125

May 17, 2023 • Paul Berthiaume, Joshua (Shua) Skøyen, Whitney Berthiaume

Whitney Berthiaume and Mackenzie Fisk join the podcast to share their Mother’s Day experience and lay down some very helpful insights.