Healing Thoughts from Cynthia Ford

Weariness Is A Tool

January 10, 2023 • Cynthia Ford • Isaiah 50:4, Matthew 11:28

Weariness is a tool in my belt. When it comes, it is the opportunity to chip away at unbelief that has been hidden before. If I use it with accuracy, not only will the feeling of inability leave… but the Strength that arises will move me forward. ♥️ We have everything we need! - 🗝️ -

Alignment Is Crucial

December 31, 2022 • Cynthia Ford

Alignment it is a word that heard for 2023. We're shedding the old feelings lack and mistrust, along with the fears that traveled with us as unwelcome companions through 2022 and we are awakened to the miraculous possibilities that are now current truth It is no longer a time for equipping for we are equipped already. Sorrow and sighing is replaced by a newfound trust, that we really are in the right place, with the right people to go forward as an overcoming force to be reckoned with. No more doubts or arguments, just a clear mind, heart and purpose, united as one body,One in His great love towards the world. I am and you are enough for this future awaiting us. - 🗝️ -

Are you a runaway?…

December 26, 2022 • Cynthia Ford

Are you a runaway?… I was. Running from my problems was a common occurrence, although fighting with others also happened. I thought it was important to be right. Fight or flight. We all know it’s a result of trauma. So, I’m thinking of people who lived before and made a difference, whose lives began in a different manner than they ended up; and I’m supposing they came to that ‘certain’ place, as I did, where you cannot continue as once headed. That place is the promised hope, the original intention, the destination ahead… and there, a decision is made to move a muscle, change a thought, forgive and hope, and adjust eyes forward instead of allowing the past to dictate. Not always easy, my friends, but it is easier than feeling trapped in choices. Some of us have lost their lives in pursuit of the dreams ahead; I am grateful that I have not; Though it was a close call once, God restored my life.  We have a call… can you hear it? To come away from the noise and live in the way of life abundantly that God has prepared; as He has loved us, may we also live, forgive and love. No more running!  ♥️  - 🗝️ -