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February 1, 2023

The Miracle Hour with Kevin & Cynthia

January 31, 2023

The Miracle Hour with Kevin & Cynthia

January 24, 2023 • Kevin Ford

Miracle healing Testimonies from 1/10/23

Here is a copy of some of the healing miracles from the Miracle Hour: Annie Galloway I was prayed over 2 months ago for freedom for migraines. I had them for 36 years. I haven’t had any since! It’s a miracle Tonya Peterson Been dealing with IBS due to stress Tonya Peterson I can feel the peace of The Spirit Spirit and expect relief! Tonya Peterson Stress leaving praise God! Tonya : after Kevin sang a Healing song; The song sealed the deal !!! Kevin Ford ministry. Thank you Jesus Williston Tonya : Ahh feels so good the joy of the Lord The next morning in a text from Tonya “delivered of a victim Spirit ... tummy healed” From Peggy Hart: Friend Eileen doing well Friends with Covid we prayed for last week doing good Beth Stanley :is off the cane and her head is better Jonita: The little girl, Lily we prayed for last week, who was in the hospital has been released and is home. Katherine Marie Wiggett: Please pray for my mom who is having a bad reaction to an eye injection. Katherine Marie Wiggett Prayed with/For Mom-a few minutes ago & she says it’s toning down some Laurie Pomeranz Grimm Is getting a migraine Laurie Pomeranz Grimm The eye aura has gone and the headache is light and dissipating. Eileen Drew I have a right earache I can feel the heat A few minutes later “The pain is Gone”           Rosanne K Nadeau I still have a slight soreness in my left knee on the right side of the left knee twisted it at yale at the coffee area Roseanne K Nadeau : I feel the heat RoseanneK Nadeau: Kicking my leg no soreness Larry Pearson: Pray for Jacqueline’s total healing and provision for the Medical bills. Larry Pearson: ·some much thick Glory flowing Larry Pearson: Waves of Shalom just rolled in. Jonita Terrell: Praying for Dans persistent cough and chest congestion & breathing Jonita:He is sitting right here doing deep breathing. Jonita: I guess Dan's feeling better.... he's snoring. haha