To Have and Give Not


February 10, 2024 • Acts 20:35

After finding a treasure of pirate coins, Gooz has to decide the best way to handle her newfound wealth. Meanwhile, Staci and The Club are at odds on how to spend their club dues.

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The Honey Buzz Principle

May 25, 2024 • Luke 12:15

After finding a beehive that makes the world's best honey, C.J. goes into business and finds that he hasn't the time for anyone or anything that doesn't make him more money!

A Race Against Time

May 18, 2024 • Romans 13:9

C.J. and Staci have to finish an important list of errands for Paw Paw Chuck, but they find themselves delayed and falling further behind at every turn. Just when they are within sight of their deadline, they find an injured skunk in need of help. Will they risk disappointing Paw Paw Chuck to help someone in need?

The Lighthouse

May 11, 2024 • Psalm 119:105

C.J. has a job! He is filling in for the injured keeper of the lighthouse. But if he doesn't start taking it more seriously, a ship full of sailors might not make it to port-ever!