God of All Grace

Pete McKenzie

September 6, 2017 • Pastor Pete McKenzie • Restoring the Fractured - Perfecting Workouts

1 Peter 5:10

Hot Christian Cold Christian

Pete McKenzie • November 15, 2017 • Pastor Pete McKenzie

Church and Culture. We look at what seems fair, Good, Just or fair and sympathetic, but it is a cultural lie, Is it Biblical truth.

Mixed Messaging

Ryan Van Deusen • November 8, 2017 • Pastor Ryan Van Deusen

Has our witnessing been cliched to death? What message do we really communicate with our canned approach. Is the gospel mix messaging to the world? What is the purpose of the Messiah? Freedom from what has bound us. Bound by Fear, Pride, Shame and Guilt.

Freedom the Next Stage

Ryan Van Deusen • November 1, 2017 • Pastor Ryan Van Deusen

Does our culture shape our Christianity? The lack of faith brings the 4 riders of the apocalypse. Free in Christ, grace understands, and the cross covers them and the lies.