YOI2023 | R3: Renew + Revive + Restore

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July 14, 7:30pm - July 16, 2023 11:00pm

Revival is here, revival is now. Backed by the Spirit of Revival, our mission is to release God’s power to bring change in our city and nation. Who is this conference for? Those looking to go deeper in God. Those who aren’t satisfied with where they are at spiritually. Those looking to be empowered to turn their cities upside down for Christ. Those who have lost their first love. Those who are weary, tired and burnt out by the cares and worries of this life. This conference has been tailored just for you. Come get renewed, revived and be restored. This is a 3 day event of worship, prayer, impartation and revelation to take you to your next level. We have @itsapostleb as our guest speaker coming in by the power of the Holy Spirit to turn this city upside down. Service Times Jul 14 Revival night 7:30pm Jul 15 Encounter Sessions 10AM-2PM Jul 16 Impact service 10:30PM Jul 16 Revival Worship experience 6:30PM $50