Boundless Freedom

No More Holding Back

May 31, 4:00pm - June 2, 2024 12:00pm

Guys, It's time to get your strength back. We are not talking about a false bravado or mucho macho mentality. We are talking about being about to stand at our full height. We want to be men who walk closely with our God, and enter into life with a confidence and true refined strength to fight for the hearts of others. Come. Receive the strength your Father has prepared for you.

Please note there are 3 registration types.

A standard admission:You can pay and register all at one time.

A scholarship admission: A discounted price due to the generosity of donors.

A pay upon arrival admission: For those who would like to register now, but need time to raise funds. Just be sure to bring your payment on the day of the retreat.

See You There.