CREDO: I Believe

The Apostles' Creed


October 4, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

Why does The Apostles’ Creed end with “amen”? When do you say “amen”? What does it mean? Overall, what is your biggest takeaway from learning The Apostles’ Creed? What is the value of a theological statement like a Creed in the life of a local church?

I Believe in Eternal Life

September 27, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

What is eternal life? Exactly, what is Jesus offering and promising to those who believe? What is good about eternal life? What is a Christian looking forward to after death? Is there a difference between eternal and everlasting life? Does everyone desire to live forever? What would cause a person to hate life and reject eternal life?

I Believe in the Resurrection

September 20, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

Why do we naturally care for the dead—both the body and the burial? How confident are you that the resurrection will be real? What is similar between Jesus’ resurrection and the believer’s resurrection? Any differences? How does believing in the resurrection shape the way you live and anticipate dying?

I Believe that God Forgives Sinners

September 13, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

What is forgiveness? What does it mean to be forgiven on a personal level? How does your view of forgiveness reflect your relationship toward God and attitude toward others? What role does forgiveness play in marking those who belong to the church? Is the Christian Gospel of forgiveness the answer for the culture’s desire for justice?

I Believe in the Church

August 30, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

What does “catholic” mean in The Apostles’ Creed, “the holy catholic Church? Is this Roman Catholicism? How does the universal church differ from the local church? Is the Holy Spirit’s ministry different in NT believes compared with OT saints? Are you part of the church? Should you join a local church? How can you serve the Lord in your church?

I Believe in the Communion of Saints

September 6, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

When did the church begin in the Bible? How does the beginning of the church define the church? Is church membership necessary? What seems to be required for membership in Acts 2:41-47? How could you (we) be more connected and involved in church life? What changes will you make post COVID-19? Who is a saint? Why does The Apostles’ Creed define them as saints?

I Believe in the Holy Spirit

August 23, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

CREDO: I Believe I Believe in the Holy Spirit (John 16:5-15) Pastor Michael Wilburn

I Believe Jesus Will Return

August 16, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

What is Jesus presently doing in heaven? Why is Jesus seated at the right hand of God and not on the throne of his kingdom? What does his position at the right hand of God signify? What will be the purpose of Jesus’ Second Coming? Do you hope in Christ’s return? How has your expectations of Christ’s return changed with age, experience, and history?

I Believe in the Risen Savior

August 2, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

Application Questions: The Gospel writers gave specific, detailed accounts of Jesus’ resurrection. What parts of the story give you confidence that the resurrection story is true? What hope does the resurrection of Jesus give to a believer who is afraid to die? What is your favorite song about Jesus’ resurrection? How does singing doctrine bless the soul and the church? When you need to hear or speak words of encouragement, do you speak of this life or the next? How might you gain a greater eternal perspective on the future you in Christ?

I Believe in the Substitutionary Death of Jesus

July 19, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

Why is Pilate mentioned in The Apostle’s Creed? What significance does it have for your faith in Jesus Christ? How does the cross define, not only the death of Christ, but also the life of Christians? Do you believe that Jesus died as your substitute? What does substitution says about you? What does say about Jesus? Did Jesus go to hell when he died? What happened during the 72 hours of Jesus’ physical death?

I Believe in the Virgin Birth

July 12, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

What is the virgin birth? Was it a miracle? Why is the virgin birth essential to the Gospel and the Christian faith? Why must we believe that Jesus was God? How was Jesus not like us? Why must we believe that Jesus was man? How was Jesus like us? How does Jesus identify with your temptations and trials by his life and body?

I Believe in The Lord Jesus Christ

July 5, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

Define the names Jesus, Christ, and Lord. What does each name say about him? Must Christians confess these names in order to be saved? Is Jesus God’s only Son? What does this mean? What is the difference between Jesus (the only Son) and believers (the children of God)? What does it mean in practice for you to show personal loyalty to Jesus as Lord? What areas present easy spots for lip service? Can a person be saved without knowing the name Jesus Christ? What happens to those who die without ever hearing the name Jesus Christ?

I Believe in God, Creator of Heaven and Earth

June 28, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

Application Questions: What in creation captures your worship of God? Knowledge of design? A place or sight? A work of art? What does it mean for humanity to be created in God’s image? If God created heaven and earth, how does that truth define your relationship with God? Are you responsible to care for God’s creation? What can Christians do to be good stewards of the earth?

I Believe in God The Father

June 21, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

APPLICATION QUESTION: What comes to mind when you think about God as your Heavenly Father? How would you explain the meaning of God as Father to a non-Christian? What does “almighty” mean? Can you believe the Gospel without believing that God is almighty? How can earthly fathers glorify God by demonstrating the image of God in their fatherhood role? Read John 17:20-26. What principles about relating to God the Father can be learned from Jesus’ words?

I Believe in The Trinity

June 14, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

Do you believe in God? Explain your answer. Who is God? Why do you believe (or disbelieve) in him? What is the significance of “I” in the opening phrase of The Apostle’s Creed? What is a creed? Why are Christians baptized in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit? How can doctrine (creedal affirmations like The Apostle’s Creed) help overcome doubts about the Christian Gospel?