I Believe in God, Creator of Heaven and Earth

John 1:1-5

June 28, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor • God Created the World…including you.

Application Questions: What in creation captures your worship of God? Knowledge of design? A place or sight? A work of art? What does it mean for humanity to be created in God’s image? If God created heaven and earth, how does that truth define your relationship with God? Are you responsible to care for God’s creation? What can Christians do to be good stewards of the earth?

I Believe in the Virgin Birth

John 1:14 • July 12, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

What is the virgin birth? Was it a miracle? Why is the virgin birth essential to the Gospel and the Christian faith? Why must we believe that Jesus was God? How was Jesus not like us? Why must we believe that Jesus was man? How was Jesus like us? How does Jesus identify with your temptations and trials by his life and body?

I Believe in The Lord Jesus Christ

John 20:30-31 • July 5, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

Define the names Jesus, Christ, and Lord. What does each name say about him? Must Christians confess these names in order to be saved? Is Jesus God’s only Son? What does this mean? What is the difference between Jesus (the only Son) and believers (the children of God)? What does it mean in practice for you to show personal loyalty to Jesus as Lord? What areas present easy spots for lip service? Can a person be saved without knowing the name Jesus Christ? What happens to those who die without ever hearing the name Jesus Christ?

I Believe in God The Father

John 1:12 • June 21, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

APPLICATION QUESTION: What comes to mind when you think about God as your Heavenly Father? How would you explain the meaning of God as Father to a non-Christian? What does “almighty” mean? Can you believe the Gospel without believing that God is almighty? How can earthly fathers glorify God by demonstrating the image of God in their fatherhood role? Read John 17:20-26. What principles about relating to God the Father can be learned from Jesus’ words?