I Believe in God, Creator of Heaven and Earth

John 1:1-5

June 28, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor • God Created the World…including you.

Application Questions: What in creation captures your worship of God? Knowledge of design? A place or sight? A work of art? What does it mean for humanity to be created in God’s image? If God created heaven and earth, how does that truth define your relationship with God? Are you responsible to care for God’s creation? What can Christians do to be good stewards of the earth?


Revelation 21:5-7 • October 4, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

Why does The Apostles’ Creed end with “amen”? When do you say “amen”? What does it mean? Overall, what is your biggest takeaway from learning The Apostles’ Creed? What is the value of a theological statement like a Creed in the life of a local church?

I Believe in Eternal Life

John 6:40 • September 27, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

What is eternal life? Exactly, what is Jesus offering and promising to those who believe? What is good about eternal life? What is a Christian looking forward to after death? Is there a difference between eternal and everlasting life? Does everyone desire to live forever? What would cause a person to hate life and reject eternal life?

I Believe in the Resurrection

John 11:25-26 • September 20, 2020 • Michael Wilburn, Senior Pastor

Why do we naturally care for the dead—both the body and the burial? How confident are you that the resurrection will be real? What is similar between Jesus’ resurrection and the believer’s resurrection? Any differences? How does believing in the resurrection shape the way you live and anticipate dying?