Sharing Jesus w/ People of Other Faiths

March 15, 2018 • Josh Faulkner

Sharing Jesus with people of other faiths can be a challenge. No matter what faith someone may have, there has to be a basic knowledge and sensitivity to their beliefs be able to love people where they are before we can share Jesus with them. What is a good starting point? What responsibility do we have? Also how do we come across to people when we share our faith? All of these are dire questions that we have to address to share our faith effectively with people of other faiths. Join us this episode as we are joined by special guest, and small group leader Josh Faulkner to talk about his background from the Jehovah's Witness church.

Priorities, How do we make them?

August 30, 2018 • Jason Lineberger

We often struggle with making goals and setting our priorities to meet those goals but that struggle gets even worse this time of year when the school year kicks in. A lot of people are back in school, have kids back in school, and work tends to pick up some depending on where you live. With the added stress and the temptation to coast through and pray you make it, how can we set our priorities in a way to accomplish our spiritual goals going into this busy season? Join us in this episode as we talk about this "fun" topic.

Why Does Ignite Do ATM?

August 9, 2018 • Jason Lineberger

Every year Ignite does a series called "At The Movies." In this series we look at a few blockbuster films from the past year and find the spiritual themes in the movies. It is a fun series where we have characters dressed up in the lobby and pass out popcorn as you walk in, but why do we do this? Why is this even remotely the best use of a Sunday mornings message? In this episode Jason looks at why we do this series and takes a look at what scriptures one could use for or against this type of series.

Father Abraham #1

June 7, 2018 • Jason Lineberger

Father Abraham had many sons, and it all started with 2 sons that he Fathered very differently. Abraham is a unique man in the Bible that shows us simultaneously how to be a great father and how to be a terrible father. In this episode we will look at how Abraham fails in a major way as a father and what we all can learn from that.