The Power of No

A Journey Through Galatians

The Power of No, Week 7

Galatians 6. Judging Others • July 9, 2017 • Jason Lineberger

In order for us to say Yes to what God has for us, we must learn to say No to certain things that the world continues to draw us away with.

The Power of No, Week 6

Spirit Vs. Flesh • July 2, 2017 • Jason Lineberger

As we study Galatians we see a very common trend of Paul addressing the church to say "No" to certain things. By saying NO we are open ourselves up to say YES to God's best and His purposes for our lives.

The Power of No, Week 5

Saying "No" to the Flesh • June 25, 2017 • Jason Lineberger

Sometimes we have to learn to say NO to our flesh. We have to learn to say NO to others who bring us down in our faith. Galatians 5 teaches us pretty clearly what we should be saying yes to and what we should be saying no to...

The Power of No, Week 4

June 18, 2017 • Jason Lineberger

How do we know that Christianity is the only way for salvation? Don't Muslims serve God? Don't Mormons believe in Jesus? What about Jehovah Witnesses?

The Power of No, Week 3

June 11, 2017 • Jason Lineberger

Some people think they are a Christian based on their good outweighing their bad. Many people, especially in the south think they are "OK" with God, when in reality they are so lost. How to know if you are "OK'' with God....

The Power of No, Week 2

Saying No to Hypocrisy • June 4, 2017 • Jason Lineberger

Do you know people who act one way around a group of people and then completely else when they are with you? Christians are known for their hypocrisy. How do we say NO to it?

The Power of No, Week 1

A Journey through Galatians • May 28, 2017 • Jason Lineberger

It can be really hard to say "No" sometimes. Every no we say can be an opportunity to say YES to something greater, true, and life changing. Join us as we go through the book of Galatians and learn to say no...