Joseph - 2016

Pastor Charlie Coker

Joseph: Father, Lord, Ruler

January 17, 2016 • Pastor Charlie Coker

Joseph - 'Avoiding the Success Trap'

January 21, 2016 • Pastor Charlie Coker

Pastor Charlie breaks down the process of how Joseph passed the test that may of us have never taken because we don't get healed enough for success to become a trap. Fix it know before it is to late to prosper in all areas of life.

Joseph Part 4 - 'The dark side of slavery'

January 24, 2016 • Pastor Charlie Coker

Joseph Part 4 is about the Dark side of being a slave. Pastor Charlie chows how Joseph battles rejection, power, wealth and still got healed from the pain of his fathers house, but lose his 2 son's Manasseh and Ephraim to be part of the nation of the 12 tribes of Israel. even Joseph brothers never lost the shame of what they had dome, therefor the were also slaves to the shame of there past even tho Joseph forgave them.

“Bible Study” The sin’s of the Father in Joseph’s Life

January 28, 2016 • Pastor Charlie Coker

Thursday Night Deeper Life Bible study. Pastor Charlie exposes how the sin's of Jacob continued into the lives of his son's, He always valued inheritance and took it from his older brother, then he took the 2 son's of Joseph that were part of his process of healing.