#10. Life Isn't Fair

Meaning Full: A Journey Through Ecclesiastes

July 15, 2018 • Nick Seders

In this week's message Nick Seders continues our series in Ecclesiastes with teaching from Ecclesiastes 8:9-15 on how life isn't fair.

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Reflection Questions

- Am I obsessed with fairness and retribution, or do I embrace and extend grace?
- Have I ever really enjoyed the eternal life I have in Christ, or have I wasted my time fixating on what others receive in this life?


- When you are frustrated by unfairness, remind yourself of the undeserved grace of God and extend that grace to someone else who needs it!


- Ecclesiastes 8:9-15
- Romans 3:10-12
- Romans 3:23
- Romans 6:23
- Romans 5:6-10

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