Phil's Potato Project - Update!

Phil's Potato Project

Baking with Boris (Jason Daly)

April 29, 2020

Have you always wanted to know how to bake bread? Well here is a wonderful opportunity to give it a go! Jason Daily has kindly put this together to pass on some brilliant baking skills.

The Pilgrim's Progress Film

April 29, 2020

Hey Kids! Churches and schools have been closed. Families are home. And there is no better time to gather together and watch the CGI-animated version of The Pilgrim’s Progress. RevelationMedia, and its ministry partners, are making this opportunity available for FREE, for a limited time. Simply use the link above to register to watch right now. BUT HURRY! It's only available until the 30th April. The Pilgrim’s Progress, based on John Bunyan’s timeless allegory, is filled with creative characters like Giant Despair, Worldly Wiseman, Evangelist, Legality, the Good Shepherd, and whimsical worlds like the Forbidden Forest, Swamp of Despondency, and Vanity Fair. Viewers follow Christian Pilgrim on his journey to rid himself of a dreadful burden on his back and find the Celestial City, which is ruled by a good and faithful King! However, he must stay on the straight path, and when he doesn’t, the most interesting and dangerous adventures ensue. Be encouraged by the Christian story considered second only to the Holy Bible!

Dance Video Tutorial

April 25, 2020 • with Helen Smith

Hi guys. Check out this awesome video where Helen teaches us a NEW dance to 'As the World Shakes' by Hillsong Kids. Get practising, get dancing and send us your videos! We'd love to see the best dance moves you've got! Send your videos to: http://info@huddersfieldchristianfellowship.com Happy Dancing!

Emoji Quiz

Hey guys! The answers to the Emoji Quiz are now up! And we have a winner... Congratulations to ELEANOR DAVIS on winning the Emoji Quiz!!! Woohoo

Easter Rocky Road


Prayer is talking to God. There are lots of examples of ways to pray, but in this story, we’ll hear about Praise (2 Chronicles 20), Repentance (Psalm 51), Asking (I Samuel 1) and listening (1 Samuel 3), because that reminds us to Yield to God. (P.R.A.Y. Get it?)

Bible Trivia Quiz for Kids

Can you guess the correct answers before the timer runs out?

Angel Cake Baking