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Press the "Click here..." button to download Brenda's Babbles • March 3, 2015

Warm greetings from home! My February 2016 news is attached as a PDF file – it’s about our time in India. Thank you for enabling me to serve the servers.

Swaziland Mission Trip - 20 Aug to 24 Aug

Join the great commission! • August 20, 2015

We will be ministering in the Phonjwane area: * Upgrading & maintenance of Camp Grounds used to host visiting missionary teams * Ministry into the community * Services to encourage and disciple the local church * Reaching out to unbelievers with the love of Christ. We need people with vehicles to assist with the transport. Contact Ian or Darren or call Denise on 082-590-3932.

Steef and Tineke

2015-02-17 Dear friends, Last Thursday we buried my mom. It was a celebration of a life, lived to the honor of God where my brother preached a clear message and I took care of the music. That was not the end of the sadness, however. Sunday morning Tineke could not contact her mom. When she phoned the neighbor to have a look, she found her, sitting unconsciously at the couch. Her bed was made and untouched, so she must have sat there all night. She was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and after the neurologist saw her, he diagnosed an arterial bleeding in the brain. As I am writing to you, I am sitting my second night vigil, next to her bed in hospital. Her situation has changed little. She is unconscious, kept under morphine. She is expected to pass away within a few days. When that happens, it would be the second grandma my kids have to part with, within a few weeks (my own mom passed away on the 7th, only 10 days ago). Please pray that the Lord's name will be glorified in all of this, and that her passing may be quick and without any further pain or suffering (Tineke's worst fear is that she will come to and be severely handicapped by brain damage and all of the consequences of such a scenario). Pray also that these happenings will not cast a shadow on the wedding of Joas & Marina. We were just carrying their belongings into their new appartment, when this news came. You can imagine their shock. Thanks for standing with us in these taxing circumstances, even at such a distance. We consider all of you true friends and thank you for your kind reactions of comfort that have already reached us. With our love and affection, Steef & Tineke For more information on our ministry, Visit our website, click on the link above or copy and paste this link into your favourite web browser - http://www.recruiting4missions.org/index.php/en/

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