Marriage Ain't Easy

but it sure is a lot of fun!

Marriage Seminar Notes

Marriage ain't Easy but it sure is a Lot of Fun • February 24, 2018 • Ps Basil Carter

You can download the various notes and documents for your own reference.

1. Introduction.

Watch this video first! • Basil Carter

An introduction to the Marriage material.

1a. The Manual.

Download it here

A copy of the manual has to be completed by each of the prospective marriage partners. Press the "Click here" button to download it.

2. Why Marriage?

God invented marriage. • Basil Carter

Ever wondered why God invented marriage when we can do the same things outside marriage that we can do inside marriage.

3. What Is Love?

God's definition of Love! • Basil Carter

Love is not a feeling, it is things we do.

4. Submission?

Godly submission energizes the marriage relationship. • Basil Carter

5. Strengths and Weaknesses.

God's plan with Strengths and Weaknesses. • Basil Carter

Your strengths fill and cover my weaknesses.

6. Finances.

God's plan with finances. • Basil Carter

7. Marriage Issues!

Looking at the baggage we bring into the relationship. • Basil Carter

8. Sexual Fulfillment!

God's Plan For Sexual Fulfillment • Basil Carter