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Over The Rainbow

Chanan 2017 Concert • November 20, 2017

Enjoy the Children as they perform to impress Mom and Dad! You can order the full quality DVD from the Chanan office!

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WHAT WE BELIEVE IN · What children think about themselves influences everything they do. Therefore they need to be aware of their uniqueness and their worth. · Children need to learn and understand that their actions and words affect others and have value. · Children need to know that others care for them · Children need individual care and nurturing to help them grow into valuable and confident beings. · Children must be able to act independently. · Children should be exposed to both indoor and outdoor activities. · Children should learn to respect the property, views and opinions of others.

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In the meantime contact Margaret +27-11-425-3557

WHO WE ARE! · Chanan Nursery School is a structured school environment for young children whose parents are serious about their child’s education and Christian development. · Chanan Nursery School believes that children need structure and love (within a protected environment) to enable them to develop a strong emotional foundation. · Chanan Nursery School believes that each child is precious, and with our committed staff, we are in a unique position to foster this belief in the child. · Chanan Nursery School is a full day facility providing nurture and care for children from 3 months old to pre-grade R.