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2009 Graduate Testimonies

What can 3D Academy do for you?

(Click here to read the full story...) Mike Lomas and Stephanie Pearse attended 3D in 2009. Here are their testimony of what 3D did in their lives... "When I finished school I wanted to go into graphic design, but God had other plans. He made a way for me and placed me in 3D. I spent some time with the children at Shanan Christian School and on outreaches and God showed me that I have a passion for children. I thought to myself how am I going to be a teacher I didn't do as well as I wanted in school. Once again God showed me that He is in control and before 2009 was through Shanan Christian School said that they would love to have me on their team. I said I wanted to make a difference in the world. God has allowed me to do that through working with these kids. 3D also helped me grow my passion for the guitar and music, which later I had the privilege of sharing with kids. 3D taught me that God will provide my every need and he not let me down. I'm now happily married and doing what I love and what God has called me to do. Thank you for all the amazing life lessons you gave me. Both spiritually and practically. Thank you for being my extended family. I plan to take all that you have taught me where ever God leads me. Thanks for one of the best years of my life" (Mike Lomas) "My year at 3D honestly helped me not only find my way forward with regards to career choice but it taught me so much about myself that a learned what I'm actually passionate about. . . And that's has formed the entirety of who I am today. Whether it's working with abused kids, or the homeless or cancer patients (which is also currently my career choice) my year at 3D taught me that my passion is the "broken" and my goal is making them feel whole. After doing my degree in Psychology and Communications I continued to work with abused and neglected kids. I also been part of feeding schemes and I currently work for the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). If it wasn't for my year at 3D I don't think I would have understood myself well enough to know how much I am capable of achieving. (Stephanie Pearse)

Prospective Student Information Booklet

Interested in coming to 3D? Read this...

For more information about the 3D program, course content, fees etc. Press the "Click Here" button and read the downloaded booklet. Please feel free to contact us if you still have unanswered questions (011 849 7431 or 082 590 3932)


What the students learn... • November 19, 2015

(For the full story click here...) Our Curriculum The 3D Academy 1-year full-time study program has four development areas: Personal, Career, Spiritual and Life Skills. There three core outcomes for each area: Discovery, Development and Destiny 1. Personal Development • Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) – Thinking Preference Profile • Personal Evaluations & Feedback Sessions • Mentorship sessions - One-on-One Time with a Personally-Assigned Mentor • Development of a Personal Life Plan • Developing your Personal Brand • Understanding and Developing Emotional Intelligence • Sports and Physical Exercise • Dealing with Transitions and change • Development of Talents and Personal Strengths • Communication Skills – Assertiveness Training • Teamwork • Cross-Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity 2. Work and Career-Related Development • Understanding the World of Work • Marketplace Exposure and Job shadowing experiences • University visits • CV Writing & Interview Skills • Consultation with a Recruitment Agent • Career Direct – “Youth Exploration Survey” - Career Guidance Programme • Leadership Training • Entrepreneurial Development • Computer Skills Training • Decision-Making Skills • Conflict Resolution – Intra-and Interpersonal Conflict • Negotiation skills • Andy Stanley & Jeff Henderson – “The Game Plan” DVD Series • Study Skills • Develop Confidence and Public Speaking Skills • Presentation Skills • Stress Management • Bruce Wilkinson – “The Dream Giver” DVD Series 3. Spiritual Development • “Destiny Series” – Who am I & How do I Fit into this World? • Community Impact Sessions • Dell Tackett – “The Truth Project” DVD Series • Louie Giglio - “Prayer Remixed” DVD Series • Six Zion Ministerial Institute Modules: 1. Basic Doctrine 2. Pillars of Faith 3. Hearing God’s Voice 4. Christian Maturity 1 - True Christianity 5. Christian Maturity 2 – Victory over the Self-Centered Life 6. Financial Freedom • Kairos Missions Training • Two Cross-cultural Mission Trips 4. Practical Life Skills Development • Goal Setting • Time Management • Assistance with the obtaining of ID’s & Passports • Assistance with the obtaining Learner’s & Driver’s licences • Household Chores • Ironing skills • Cooking and Baking Skills • Grocery Shopping • Campus Workdays – Training in Home Maintenance Skills • Financial Skills Development • Car Maintenance and Driver Safety • Event planning – eg. Seniors’ Graduation

3-Day Workshop Flyer

Information Flyer with more details • December 8, 2015

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3-Day Workshop Application

Application Form to download • December 8, 2015

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3-Day Workshops: Corporate Info

Match the demands of the job market.

(Click here to read more...) To be able to give young people a real opportunity of plugging into the world of work, they need assistance. 3D academy offers 3-day skills development workshops each month to help young people understand how their unique set of strengths can be matched to the demands of the job market. These workshops are open to matriculants aged 18-22yrs old. They learn essential personal and career-related skills that improve their chance of employment. Students learn important skills in job hunting such as CV writing and interview techniques. They learn essential workplace skills such as computer literacy, goal-setting, time management and organisational skills, communication and conflict resolution skills. 3D Academy gives them the opportunity to get career guidance and to learn study skills. For an investment of only R1000, your organisation can make it possible for a young person to attend a 3-day workshop to learn these skills.

Our Vision

Discovery ...Development...Destiny! • November 19, 2015

3D Academy strives to enable young people to discover and pursue their God-given dream and destiny in life. The "3D's" stand for: Discovery ...Development...Destiny! Since 2008, we have been developing and fine-tuning a curriculum that fulfills our core objectives and produces results. To date, our student intakes have been small, but we have a big vision and want to invite you to be a part of the bigger plan. Within the next ten years we aim to: • Expand our current Benoni facilities, by securing a permanent 40-student campus (at present our maximum capacity is 12 students) • Establish a further 3 fully-functioning campuses • Establish a head office and clearly define head office and satellite campus functions - Centralize our selection and enrollment process and ensure an equal distribution of students between the various campuses • Have an established reputation as the preferred gap-year option, by becoming a recognized brand in South Africa • Establish long-term partnerships with corporate sponsors enabling student acceptance to be based only on motivation & merit and not on financial means • Display a proven track record showing student success in education and the world of work • Establish a Graduate Alumni with continued support and resources available to graduates after their year at 3D.

Core Values

Living LARGE • November 19, 2015

(For the full story click here...) Core Values: “Living LARGE” 3D Academy has 5 core values. We strive to apply and live out these values in how we relate to one another as staff as well as how we treat our students: 1. Love 2. Adulthood 3. Responsibility 4. Growth 5. Environment To capture these five core values in an “easy-to-remember” catch phrase, we use the slogan: “Living LARGE” “Living Large” is an expression that implies luxurious living. We believe that in applying our 5 core values, life on campus and the staff and students experience, of the 3D program will be one of “luxurious living” – not in a material sense, but in a personal sense. We believe that by living out the 5 core values, our students will experience great quality of life. 1. Love - Following the guideline that is found in 1 Cor 13:4-8 to create a “safe” environment within which students can develop and grow 2. Adulthood - We strive to assist our students in transitioning into adulthood through adult-to-adult communications, encouraging initiative and independent decision-making 3. Responsibility - Teaching our students about consequences and accountability, self-management and the ability to work within “chain of command” 4. Growth - Encouraging students to step out of their comfort zones and be “stretched” ie. pushing beyond one’s own limits 5. Environment - Providing a “melting pot” of diversity and the opportunity to learn from the uniqueness of others. An experiential, hands-on approach to learning takes precedence.

NPO Details

B-BBEE • November 16, 2015

(Click here for all the information...) 3D Revelation Campus (trading as 3D Academy) was registered on the 26th February 2015 as a Non-Profit Organisation. NPO Number: 149-460 NPO As an Exempted Micro Enterprise, 3D Academy has a LEVEL 4 B-BBEE rating.

Company Visit

Marketplace Exposure • November 19, 2015

(For the full story click here...) A critical part of the 3D curriculum is marketplace exposure. We are constantly looking for opportunities for our students to find out more about the world of work. Exposure to a variety of industries and organizations in all business sectors, give them a more comprehensive view of the career opportunities available to them. Equipped with this information as well as the extensive self-knowledge they gain at 3D, they are able to make better choices regarding their future career path. If you are able to give our students a tour of your organization and exposure to the opportunities in your industry or open up job-shadowing experiences within your organisation please contact us.


What it costs... • November 19, 2015

(For the full story click here...) FEES PAYMENT OPTION A: Fees paid in full upfront (10% saving) 100% R46 800 PAYMENT OPTION B: January intake Deposit (This payment secures the student’s place for the coming year) Mid Dec previous year 30% R15 600 By 1st day of Term 1 Mid Jan 10% R5 200 By end January 10% R5 200 By end February 10% R5 200 By the 1st day of Term 2 20% R10 400 By end of April 10% R5 200 By end of May 10% R5 200 --------------------------------------------------------------- Total 100% R52 000 PAYMENT OPTION B: July Intake Deposit (This payment secures the student’s place for the coming year) Mid June 30% R15 600 By 1st day of Term 1 10% R5 200 By end of July 10% R5 200 By end of Aug 10% R5 200 By the 1st day of Term 2 20% R10 400 By end of Oct 10% R5 200 By end of Sept 10% R5 200 ------------------------------------------------------------ Total 100% R52 000 PAYMENT OPTION C: Customised payment plan negotiated between Parents and the Dean of Campus. • The above fees cover tuition and all course materials, outings, residency & meals • All fees are payable within the first 6 months (unless Payment Plan C is followed) • Fees paid to date are non-refundable • Non-payment of fees (balances outstanding over 30 days) may result in termination of a student's stay on campus, and their studies with 3D • Payments can be made via cash or direct deposit • Students will be responsible for the following additional costs (not covered by fees): o Finances for the 2 mission trips – approx. R1600 each o Laundry costs are the student's responsibility (ie washing powder & fabric softener) o Personal toiletries & spending money o Any breakages are to be paid for by the student responsible Banking details: Account Name: Full Gospel Church of God Airfield Account No: 02-109-431-4 Bank: Standard Bank Branch: Benoni Branch code: 013042

Contact Us

Phone Numbers and Email • November 19, 2015

3D Revelation Campus Trading as: 3D Academy NPO: 149-460NPO Denise Cillie (Dean of Campus) Shelley Carlton (3D Administrator) Office Tel: +27-11-849-7431 Cell: +27-61-270-2132 Email: 3DRevCam@mweb.co.za Email: 3DAcademy@mweb.co.za Website: www.3DRevelationCampus.com Facebook: 3D Academy Benoni

"Student" Camps

Every Year! • Hosted by 3D Academy

Are you in Gr 11 or 12? Are you between the ages of 17-21yrs? Are you confused about your future? Come and join us for a life-changing weekend. Spend time with like-minded young people who want to know God's plan for their future and make each day count!

1-Year Full-Time Programme

A Life-Changing Experience • December 16, 2015

(Click here for the full story...) A year at 3D Academy is truly life-changing. Many young South Africans need more than just skills development, they need a mind-set change. They need to learn to recognise the opportunities within both themselves and the marketplace. They need to believe that they can make a positive difference in South Africa. They need to develop the confidence and the leadership skills to become a nation-changer. A year at 3D Academy does just that! There are two intakes each year. The first intake is in mid-January. These students complete their year in December of the same year. The second intake occurs mid-July, and these students complete their year in June of the following year. A year at 3D consists of four terms (10 weeks each), with holidays in-between (ranging from 2 – 5 weeks each). Students are required to vacate the campus during holiday time. Most weekends, students will remain on campus. However, a number of free weekends are scheduled throughout the term. On these weekends, students may go home. During the first six months of a student’s time at 3D Revelation Campus, the student is known as a “Junior”. In their last six months, they become “Seniors”. Senior students are entitled to more privileges than Juniors. They are also entrusted with greater responsibilities and play a role in the mentoring of the Junior group. Consider investing in one high-potential student for one year that you can absorb into your organisation.