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July 14, 2016

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SnapScan Payments Made Easy!

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Really Exciting News! SnapScan have now introduced for House of the Lord a “Payment Reference” facility when a payment is made. In both cases, once you have snapped and keyed in the amount, you can enter a reference to identify what you are contributing for. eg Joe Blogs Tithes, Joe Blogs Offering, Joe Blogs Lunch, Missions Britstown, Faith seed etc. This will make identification of the transactions so simple and allocation of the amounts so accurate. We trust that this will take us forward together at a “Snap”! If you don't yet have SnapScan on your cell phone download it from the app store by searching for Standard Bank SnapScan and installing it. Then load your Credit Card details onto SnapScan and begin "Snapping"! SnapScan: 1) Handles all major credit cards from all major Banks. 2) Is guaranteed to be safe and secure. 3) You don't have to carry cash. 4) Can be used at many stores outside of the House of the Lord. 5) You don't have to present your credit card, all you need is to have your cellphone with you! 6) Reduces the risk of credit card fraud. 7) Is not compromised if your cell phone is lost or stolen as each transaction requires the entry of your own PIN code. So, get SnapScan today and start "Snapping"!

Electronic Banking with HOTL

Use the Internet it's so much easier! •

Donating to HOTL by using electronic banking saves on banking charges, thereby making more financial resources available to the Kingdom. Bless the Church? - Use the internet or teller terminal & tithe electronically into the church bank accounts. This way we don’t pay deposit fees. This means more seed in the Kingdom - More to sow. Make Cheques Payable to: Full Gospel Church, Airfield Bank Details: Standard Bank, Benoni. Branch Code: 013042 Deposit Tithes into - Main Account: 02-109-445-4 Faith Seed into - Missions Account: 02-109-437-3 Special Gifts & Offerings - Offering Account: 02-109-447-0