Kim Clement - The Trump Prophecies!

November 2, 2020 • Kim Clement

Election Day is TOMORROW! Here is what Kim Clement Prophesied about President Trump between 2006 and 2015! You’ve seen them before, but now is the time to watch them again, and share this with everyone you know!

Reawaken America!

January 17, 2022 • Kim Clement, Donné Clement Petruska

These are the Kim Clement prophecy clips Donné presented at the Reawken America Tour with Clay Clark in Phoenix Arizona this past weekend. This event was sponsored by Charisma News.

Do You Hear The Sound Of The Trumpet?!

January 10, 2022 • Kim Clement

This is an incredible worship experience, and then, Kim Clement prophesied about the Capital, the spirit of King David, the prophets and priests rising up due to corrupt leadership, the sound of the trumpet that will be heard when the Christians are silenced, the exposure of corruption in the intelligences of the world, the mystery of the Malaysian jet that disappeared. Corruption in Geneva and in the United Nations. ISIS creeping in, too much going through the “net and through the cloud”, the remnant of people who will stand and fight. North Korea in a fight with Iran? He saw that lone voices would cry throughout the earth, “Let my people go!!!”. The name of a man who is hidden away, but shall be exposed…who is this man? This is incredible!

Prophetic Rewind Special! Clay Clark Interviewed Donné! - Trump, Elections, Prophecy, COVID, Kim Cle

January 3, 2022 • Clay Clark, Donné Clement Petruska, Kim Clement

A Prophetic Rewind Special! Clay Clark Interviews Donné about Kim Clement’s “Donald & Clark” Prophecy, Trump, the elections, and more!!!