Loving Generously


October 21, 2018 • Peter Mueller

Today's message begins a new series called “Loving Generously”. In this series we will again follow the story of the fictitious Donovan family and their journey towards generosity of heart and relationship. Today’s message contrasts the way God welcomes anyone and everyone who would come to Him in faith with how we too often only want to spend time with people who are like us. The question we will be challenged to consider this week is “Who am I inviting into my life?”

For Sale

October 28, 2018 • Peter Mueller


November 4, 2018 • Peter Mueller

It’s natural and easy to think of our lives and our resources as ours to do with as we please. It’s equally easy to pat ourselves on the back when we share some of what we have. The reality is that God says that when we give to those who are poor or otherwise in need, we are lending to God himself. The challenge is that those of us who are not poor aren’t usually relationally connected to those who are - what would it take to change that in your life?


November 11, 2018 • Peter Mueller

This week's message continues our series, “Loving Generously.” It’s easy to imagine a world where loving service to others in need is applauded and highly valued. The reality is that when you follow Jesus in relational generosity, it’s likely that someone will be offended, angry, or full of gossip or slander about you. When we courageously climb over the walls that separate us by race, economic status, household type, gender, and more, some people respond by feeling uncomfortable or even being hostile or critical. Jesus calls us to count the cost and nevertheless follow Him in loving others generously, regardless of the cost.


November 18, 2018 • Peter Mueller

This week's message concludes our series, “Loving Generously”. Our natural tendency as humans is to try to control our circumstances, our relationships, our money and the rest of our lives. God’s Word challenges us to let go of our control so that Jesus can fill us with His life. In handing the steering wheel of our lives to Jesus, He promises to fill us with His life - not just in the sense of eternal life, but of a deep and meaningful quality of life, even here and now. There are few aspects of our lives where this is more true than in surrendering our control of our resources and our relationships and allow God to lead us in loving others generously, as He first loves us.