How to Keep On Keepin' On

Defense & Offense

February 14, 2021 • Peter Mueller

It's wishful thinking to imagine that the mess of this world will steer clear of you - the reality is that the battle for your heart and soul, the battle for your joy and life will sometimes land on your front doorstep, whether you want it to or not. In those moments you can surrender or you can fight - the God in whose image you are made is a warrior, and His Word equips and empowers us how to fight the battles that come our way in His power and strength.

Emergency Communication

February 7, 2021 • Peter Mueller

Sometimes you realize you just can’t make it on your own - you come to the end of your emotional, financial, or motivational rope and you’re done. In those moments of soul emergency it’s critical that you have people you can call and lean on for encouragement to help you carry the load and share your burdens. This was built into the DNA of the early church, and it’s something we will benefit greatly from if we recover that today.


January 31, 2021 • Peter Mueller

At one point, the prophet Elijah was sure that everyone hated him and that he just wanted to die. Instead, God sent an angel to bring him food and Elijah took a nap - twice. After that, God turned him into an unstoppable superman of a prophet. The same is true for you - there may be times where you become so disillusioned with the problems of our world that you just want to give up - and it’s then when Jesus gracefully invites us to come Him that we might experience rest and renewal, and through those, resilience as well.

Fuel & Nourishment

January 24, 2021 • Peter Mueller

If you want your car to keep running, you need to put gas in the tank. If you want to keep hiking a trail, biking a road, or skiing a hill, you need food and water. The same is true for our hearts and minds - if we want to experience resilience in the face of the challenges of today’s world, we need to regularly nourish ourselves with the food of God’s word and connection to Him in prayer.

Filter Everything

January 17, 2021 • Peter Mueller

This weekend kicks off a new message series called “Resilience: How to Keep On Keepin’ On”. As we have all been repeatedly battered with one round of bad news after another for the last 10 months, many people are tired, frustrated, and uncertain about the future. This week’s message begins a five week series looking at how God can help us build resilience for the long haul - not just for the remainder of the COVID-19 era, but for all of life. This week’s message will look at the critical importance of filtering everything we allow into our hearts and minds so that the truth and hope of Jesus might reign within us.