Discovering the Resurrection

You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

May 16, 2021 • Peter Mueller

Saying goodbye to a good friend can be difficult - as Jesus said goodbye to his first disciples before His ascension, He also promised them He would send the Holy Spirit to empower them to tell the story of Jesus and His love to people all over the world. Since then, the Holy Spirit still fills His power and we follow Jesus and invite others into His kingdom. Today's Service starts at 18:30 into the video (the first part is pre-service announcement slides)

The Renewal of All Things

May 9, 2021 • Peter Mueller

When Jesus rose from the dead, it was the beginning of what He will complete when He returns: the renewal of all creation. As His adopted sons and daughters, we are called to join Him in that work of bringing renewal and restoration to the people and things of this world even now. On this Mother’s Day weekend, we want to recognize and celebrate the important and unique contributions that moms bring to this life-changing work!

United with Christ in His Death and Resurrection

May 2, 2021 • Peter Mueller

In baptism and faith, followers of Jesus are deeply connected, even united, with Jesus in His death and His resurrection. Jesus died to put our sinful nature to death, and Jesus rose that we might live a new life as new creations in Him! Despite the pull of our old ways of living, Jesus is inviting us to receive the gift of being “dead to sin and alive to God” in Him.

Victory Over Death!

April 25, 2021 • Peter Mueller

Death stings - it is a theft of the life God breathed into us as humans. The good news of Jesus’ resurrection is not only that He is alive, but that we can look forward to our own victory over death as well as we put our faith in Him as His adopted sons and daughters. This good news can transform the way we live now and how we think of the future!

The Beginning of a New Era

April 4, 2021 • Peter Mueller

Do you ever wish that our messed up world was better than it is? The good news of Jesus’ resurrection is that in addition to conquering sin and death, Jesus has started making the world new. Even now, he is inviting you to join him in that important work while we eagerly anticipate his completion of that renewal one day. Jesus is alive - the good news is that means that our broken world is being made new even now!

You Have Been Given a Gift

April 11, 2021 • Jonathan Kopecky

Everyday we are faced with basically two decisions: we can go this way or we can go that way. We can do this or we can do that — even not choosing is a choice. I want to bring you back to the Holy Saturday. The morning after Jesus’ death. What were the disciples’ first response? What about the women who followed Jesus? Did they get to work remembering why Jesus came to die or where they left wondering? We know Jesus’ resurrecting power but do we take that gift and, by God’s grace, multiply it or have we been doing something else with it lately? Join me this weekend as we dig deeper into the moments after Jesus' death, the two choices his followers had, and how we can learn from Jesus’ teachings about the choices we can make today.

The Relief of Redemption

April 18, 2021 • Peter Mueller

Have you ever messed up in a public way? Have you ever experienced the bitter agony of shame? Peter, the disciple of Jesus, did. He probably thought Jesus would never forgive him for denying him, much less re-instate him to play a key role in His kingdom. And yet, that is exactly what Jesus does for Peter and it’s what he offers to you in mercy today as you confess your sin and put your faith in Him!