The Story

Palm Sunday: The Savior You Need

Palm Sunday • April 5, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Right now, it would be great if someone would make COVID-19 go away and return our lives to normal. That's similar to what 1st century Jews wanted as well - for their oppressors to leave and their lives to return to freedom. The thing is that Jesus came not as the conquering hero they wanted, but as the loving savior they needed - and that's how He comes for you and me this Palm Sunday as well. There is great HOPE as we trust this situation and every moment of our lives to Him! Check back here after 8AM on Sunday April 5th for this week's online worship experience as we celebrate Palm Sunday together!

David: The Trials of a King

The Story • March 29, 2020 • Peter Mueller

This week's message looks at a significant turn of events for David - the teenage giant-slayer is now King David, but makes a series of mistakes that have life-long consequences. The good news is that even when it looks like all hope is lost, God is faithful and present to help him to rebuild and have hope for the future again. In the same way, God is faithful to us, even when life pushes us to our limits - God still loves us and is still present with us to encourage us and guide us on our way. Check back here on Sunday March 29th for this week's video worship experience and message!

David: From Shepherd to King

The Story • March 22, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Who do you think is in charge of the world? You? COVID-19? God? In this weekend’s message from The Story, we’ll take a look at how David’s answer to that question absolutely informed and shaped how he approached the Philistine giant named Goliath. Everyone else was terrified, but David somehow had the courage to face the giant, and it wasn’t just because of his slingshot. You can watch the message and the rest our online video worship experience any time starting Sunday at 8:00 AM by clicking on the video above - enjoy and share with friends!

Saul: Standing Tall, Falling Hard

The Story • March 15, 2020 • Peter Mueller

As Hope's Worship Services are cancelled until further notice as part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are happy you offer you this video worship experience. Even though we are not gathered together physically, we remember that the church is a people, not a building - together we can be bonded through technology as worship God, pray, and receive His word. Blessings to you as you worship today! This week's message looks at a significant transition in Israel's history - from the era of the Judges to the era of the Kings. Hannah's miracle son Samuel becomes a prophet whom God reluctantly asks to anoint a king for Israel, like the neighboring nations have. Saul becomes that first Israelite king: things go well at first, but derail once his ego gets too big and he disobeys God.

Ruth: Faith of a Foreign Woman

The Story • March 8, 2020 • Peter Mueller

As Hope's worship services were cancelled on Sunday March 8th, 2020, we've created this Video Worship Experience for you to enjoy. It includes worship music by Jonathan Kopecky and Jason Grotelueschen from Lowman Beach, prayers and scripture readings from Deacon Dan, a message by Pastor Peter, Hope School's 60th Anniversary Video. This week's message will look at a rare close-up snapshot of one person's story in the time of the Judges. Ruth was from a foreign nation which once conquered and oppressed Israel, but through a number of circumstances, Ruth decides to make Israel her home and to worship the one true and living god Yahweh. This is a remarkable story that illustrates how wide God's mercy reaches and how He specializes in including the most unlikely of people in key roles in His story.

A Few Good Men...and Women

March 1, 2020 • Peter Mueller

God’s people had moved into the land promised to them by God, but they didn’t have a form of government after Joshua died. Therefore, God raised up certain people to serve as “judges” - people who would literally settle disputes, lead battles, and generally lead the people spiritually. In this season, the people alternated between faithfully serving and rebelling against God with a variety of consequences for each. The good news for them and for us is that God never abandoned them or stopped loving them - even when they rebelled, He was more than ready to forgive and provide new life - and He stands ready to do the same for us today!

The Battle Begins

February 23, 2020 • Peter Mueller

The promise was about to be fulfilled: God's people would enter the promised land! It would take a lot of courage and faith but God provides against impossible odds. Likewise, God calls us to great faith and courage as we boldly follow His leading into the challenges we face.

New Commands and a New Covenant

February 9, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Since the beginning of creation, God has had a desire to live with us in friendship. Part of that plan was Him giving a list of commands to guide our relationship with Him and others. Even though our sin messed that up, God was not willing to let that be a barrier so He provided ways for our sin to be atoned for: first, with the Old Testament sacrifices and finally, with the gift of His Son Jesus. He used to be present to his people in the Tabernacle and Temple, but now He lives in the hearts of his people by His Spirit. If you believe in Jesus, He lives in you!

Moses: Deliverance

February 2, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Just like the Israelites needed the blood of a lamb painted over their doorpost, we need the shed blood of the ultimate Lamb of God: Jesus. We receive the saving, forgiving, and benefiting work of Jesus by putting our faith in Him.

Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh

January 26, 2020 • Peter Mueller

This week’s message continues our new series called The Story with a look at the incredible life of Joseph. God is at work in the midst of the details of our lives accomplishing his good purposes (Romans 8:28). Knowing that God’s story line is unfolding, even in bleak and confusing times, allows us to live freely, being able to forgive those who sin against us. God tests us in order to build our faith in him and strong character in us.

God Builds a Nation

The Story • January 19, 2020 • Roger Sylwester

This week’s message looks at the story of Abraham and Sarah. In them, God chose the most unlikely people upon which to build a new nation, to cause people to look to God to explain how it happened. This can give people today a lot of hope. God’s strategy of picking the least likely candidate to succeed could be your or mine opportunity to be picked for a God-sized project, so others will be able to see Him when great things happen.

Creation and Fall

The Story • January 12, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Today's message kicks off our new series called The Story. Over 31 weeks we'll read through most of the Bible and unpack most of the major stories and motifs of the message woven throughout the little stories that make up the big story. It's a story that God has invited us into! Today we begin with a look at God's creation of the universe and all that's it in it and, even as the first humans rebelled and rejected Him, God already proved His enduring love for them and for you and me today.