The Story

A New Beginning

November 15, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Sometimes it feels like evil has taken over the world and that evil is winning. Many of the first followers of Jesus also felt that way in the face of persecution from the Roman Empire. In the midst of this context, John receives a beautiful vision or revelation full of figurative imagery that reveals God’s plan for evil to be destroyed, for creation to be renewed, and God to live with His people forever. This last book of the Bible gives us great hope for a bright future!

Paul's Final Days

November 8, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Saul who became Paul had and still has a massive influence on the people of the world as he boldly proclaimed that Jesus of Nazareth was both the Messiah Savior and Lord and King of all that is. Paul vigorously contended that the benefits of Christ’s work on the cross and in His resurrection were available by God’s grace through faith, and that God fills those who believe with His Spirit to empower them to join Jesus in the work of making the world new. Living as we do in an imperfect world with imperfect leaders, Paul invites us to follow the crucified and risen one!

Paul's Mission

November 1, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Can God really change the worst parts of you into the best parts of you? 2000 years ago, Saul found out that the answer is a resounding YES! After God changed Saul from a killer assassin into a gutsy evangelist and changed his name to Paul, he spent his life preaching the good news of Jesus crucified and risen for the freedom of all who believe in Him. Today, Jesus calls you to trust Jesus and join in that same mission wherever God leads you!

New Beginnings

October 25, 2020 • Peter Mueller

50 days after his resurrection, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to fill His followers and disciples. Peter, John, and the others are transformed from cowering in fear and hiding into people who boldly proclaim the the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and the new life that is available by faith in Him. Jesus still sends His Spirit to empower believers today - without the Spirit, we can’t even believe, but with the Spirit we can increasingly live as God’s new creations who participate with Him in the work of renewing our world.

The Resurrection

October 18, 2020 • Peter Mueller

When Jesus was crucified, His disciples were devastated, filled with fear, and went into hiding. They still didn’t understand or believe that Jesus would rise again. When things aren’t going well in our lives or our world, it’s easy to get stuck living and thinking like those disciples did on Saturday - but Jesus calls us to live in the hope that Resurrection Sunday is coming and has now come! When you believe in Jesus, today’s reality is never the end of your story!

Hour of Darkness

October 11, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Our world is in a mess - and that’s because of human sin. Our world would truly be hopeless were it not for God demonstrating His love for us by sending His Son Jesus to be betrayed by a friend and brutally executed by a pagan superpower at the request of His own people. The good news is that Jesus willingly gave His life for yours and mine - and that we can be free from our sin, from death, and the power of the devil, now and forever, as we put our faith in Him. This is good news for hard times!

Jesus, the Son of God

October 4, 2020 • Peter Mueller

When you visit a shopping mall, you have a lot of options of where to shop, all right next to each other. For millennia, humans have also had a plethora of options from which to choose when it comes to ideas, causes, false gods and idols to give one’s life and heart to. It’s in this diverse world that Jesus shows up and asks the question, “Who do you say that I am?” Your answer to that question will impact every day of your life - this week’s message will look at how Jesus’ life and teaching engages that question.

No Ordinary Man

September 27, 2020 • Peter Mueller

What is the Kingdom of God like? Jesus answers this question in his parable-stories and in his actions of compassion and power as he heals and restores suffering people. Now He sends you as an ambassador of His kingdom wherever you go - and He promises to sustain you along the way. Even when life feels like a violent storm, Jesus is in the boat with us bringing peace and strength to our hearts!

Jesus' Ministry Begins

September 20, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Who you are determines what you do. As Jesus began his ministry, the Father articulated Jesus’ identity at his baptism as “my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. Then Jesus set out on a mission to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God, and that he had come for the sick, not the healthy, for the sinners, not the righteous. As the Father loves Jesus, so Jesus loves you - and that is good news that can both warm out hearts and shape our actions and every aspect of our lives!

The Birth of the King

September 13, 2020 • Peter Mueller

While God created the world by speaking it into existence, humans messed it up pretty badly…. but God did not want to leave His creations to flounder on their own, so He called Abraham to become the grandfather of his chosen people Israel, out of whom would come Jesus, a Savior for all the peoples of the world, for anyone who would put faith in Him. This week’s message marks our return to The Story series of messages as we launch in to the New Testament and the story of Jesus, Paul, and the early church. This Sunday we celebrate Christmas in September as we reflect on the gift of the birth of Jesus!

Nehemiah: The Return Home

June 14, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Sometimes we forget who we are and what our identity is. The people of Judah who returned to Jerusalem knew they were part of God’s people, but they forgot God’s laws and what it means to live in God’s ways. As they were at risk of falling into the same mistakes of their ancestors, Ezra comes along to remind them of their true identity and how to live as God’s people. That message is important for us today as well - you belong to God, and God calls us to become like Him. This is a lifelong process of becoming transformed into people who increasingly live out of our identity as adopted sons and daughters of the King.

Esther: Slave Girl to Beauty Queen

June 7, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Once upon a time, God called a young woman in exile to become queen of the world’s greatest superpower at the time. In order to save her people from genocide, she takes a great risk to use her influence over the king to serve and to save her people from suffering and destruction. What will YOU risk and who will YOU serve with your influence?

Ezra: The Return Home

May 31, 2020 • Peter Mueller

EVERY good thing you have is a pure gift from God (even the ones you worked for). The people of Judah experienced this when God moved the King of Persia to not only allow them to return to Judah to rebuild, but even paid for all of their expenses. But they also learned that if we want God’s blessing in the rebuilding, it’s critical to continue to DEPEND on Him and do His work in HIS way. There is great hope for you and me in this story - even when your life falls apart, God invites you to seek Him first as He helps you to rebuild.

Daniel in Exile

May 24, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Living in this world as a Christian is sometimes like living in a foreign country. This is even more the case in this season of COVID-19 when it seems like everything is upside down and unfamiliar. This could leave us disoriented and disillusioned, but the good news is that God has placed us in this time and place to be ambassadors of our home country, the Kingdom of Heaven. This weekend’s message will look to the stories of how God used Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as ambassadors for God in their time of exile in the foreign land of Babylon.

Flowers into Weeds: The Fall of the Kingdom of Judah

May 17, 2020 • Peter Mueller

We get rightfully angry when someone we love betrays us with another. That’s how God came to see the people of Judah and he unleashed his anger at them and their lives were all but destroyed. But then something amazing happens - and it’s a good reminder for you and me today as well - even when our lives are destroyed, God still offers the the hope of new mercies and new hearts! God may get angry, but His love is greater still - praise God for this gift!