Leading Generously


November 10, 2019 • Peter Mueller

When Christ renews us, the Holy Spirit guides and empowers us. We are capable of doing so much more than we could have done before. By laying down his life, Jesus expanded the capacity of others to love and give and live more fully. A selfish leader will be focused on increasing his own capacity—expanding his wealth, his fame, and his power over others. A servant leader will focus on expanding the capacity of others. Just as a good teacher is willing to look foolish if it will teach her students an important lesson, a true leader may be willing to sacrifice her own capacity if it serves to expand the capacity of others.


November 3, 2019 • Roger Sylwester

Since God calls us all to be leaders in one way or another, we should examine whether our motivations are for ourselves or for others. Philippians 2 says we should “do nothing out of selfish ambition,” but should consider others and their interests more important. This sums up the other-centeredness of servant leadership. Are your ambitions selfish ambitions? Or are they, like Christ’s, selfless ambitions for the good of others?


October 27, 2019 • Kristofer Kunkel

Today’s message continues our new series called Leading Generously. As we are all leaders in that we all have influence over other people, this week’s message looks at the question of whether we are more concerned with our legend/reputation, or our legacy - the long-term impact of our lives on others. A Servant Leader will be less focused on her own accomplishments and more on the accomplishments of others. Jesus did not build a sterling reputation for himself. He came to serve and to save. We are called to live in the same way.


October 20, 2019 • Peter Mueller

Today’s message kicks off a new message series following a series of short films that tells the story of the Donovan family and their journey towards generosity of heart and attitude towards others. Today’s message is about becoming a Servant Leader who is wholly dependent on God’s strength to lead, to keep his or her promises, and to provide strength and hope in the midst of hardships. All leaders make promises - some of those are kept, and some of those are broken. With God’s help, we can lead others to find hope in the faithful promises of our faithful God!