Spirit People

Human Wisdom vs. Spirit-taught Wisdom

June 13, 2021 • Peter Mueller

In our world today, people love jumping on bandwagons - whether of fashion, music, or ideas. The same was true 2000 years ago in the Greek city of Corinth - people were always looking for the “latest and greatest” ideas from the various thought gurus of their day - they called these ideas “wisdom”. Paul goes to great lengths to explain that the greatest wisdom for them and for us is the good news of salvation in Jesus - but also that that “wisdom” from God can only be known by His Spirit. This weekend’s message will dig deeper into what it means to listen to the Spirit’s teaching of this good news for our lives.

Gifts of the Spirit

June 6, 2021 • Peter Mueller

The greatest gift of the Spirit is the gift of faith - the ability to believe in Jesus. The Holy Spirit also gives believers in Jesus other gifts to equip them to serve others in Jesus’ Name and to proclaim the new life that is available in Jesus in words and actions. These gifts are not given to boost a person’s ego, but rather to equip them to serve others as Jesus did.

Walk by the Spirit

May 30, 2021 • Peter Mueller

If you believe in Jesus, you are a part of the “Spirit People” - men and women, children and adults in whom the Spirit of God lives. The challenge is that our sinful nature is still at war with the Spirit living in us. The good news is that by faith in Jesus, we are free to live “in step with the Spirit” and to reject living according to the impulses of our sinful nature. When we “walk by the Spirit”, it will be obvious in the “fruit” of how we live our lives.

The Coming of the Spirit

May 23, 2021 • Peter Mueller

50 days after Jesus’ resurrection, he sent the Holy Spirit to his first disciples and filled them with the dynamite power that comes from the Spirit of God making his home in human hearts. Thereafter, they boldly proclaimed the good news of Jesus and His kingdom. Without the Spirit’s work in our hearts, we could not even believe, much less follow Jesus in the moments of our lives. But since the Spirit lives in the hearts of all who believe, we have been empowered join Jesus in His mission to bring renewal to all creation!