People Get Ready

Advent 2020

Worship with the Wise Men

January 10, 2021 • Peter Mueller

Our current time in history has been punctuated by multiple events and situations that command our attention and threaten to distract us from what’s most important. Joining the wise men in regular, intentional worship of Jesus throughout our days is a great way to re-focus on the one who is our only true hope!

Out with the Old and In With the New

January 3, 2021 • Peter Mueller

As we leave 2020 behind and enter the new year of 2021, it’s especially valuable to ask God to help us grieve the difficulties of the last year while also celebrating God’s presence and provision. This is also an exciting time to look forward to God’s continued faithful presence and work in our lives in the new year, and to intentionally entrust the new year to Him!

Emmanuel: You're One of Us

December 27, 2020 • Jonathan Kopecky

Emmanuel: You're One of Us You’re telling me that all of Joseph’s family/relatives/cousins were in Bethlehem and no one had a place for his pregnant wife? Why? This 2020 has brought on the feeling that we are isolated and alone. Whether it was the first understanding of the virus, or the wave of racial issues, or the twitter wars on the presidential election, there were moments when we felt like we were in a bubble and no one understood us, no one had space for us, and we possibly didn’t have room for anyone else either. Even in their isolation, God made room for Joseph and Mary. He provided for them (but it wasn’t what they expected) to deliver the Savior of the world. God makes room for you. Despite the uncertainty, disagreements, and losses the pandemic has brought on, God provides for us. Christmas is the way we remember God’s love and sacrifice for us. He became flesh and dwelt among us. He is Emmanuel, God with us. And he continues to be with his people.

Christmas Day 2020

December 25, 2020 • Dan Jackson

The Light Still Shines in the Darkness

December 24, 2020 • Peter Mueller

This year has often felt like it’s been shrouded in darkness as we have collectively endured one challenge after another. The good news is that the darkness has not overcome the light of the newborn Savior, Jesus the Messiah! In the birth of Jesus there is great hope and great light for our lives, because in Jesus, the kingdom of heaven is near! Joy to the World, the Lord is Come! This service will be posted by 4pm on Christmas Eve.

The Magnificent

December 20, 2020 • Peter Mueller

Do you ever feel so overcome with joy that you just start singing? Quite a few characters in the books of the Bible did - one of them was Mary, the mother of Jesus. When she found out that she was going to give birth to the Messiah-Savior her people had long-awaited, she magnified the Lord with a spontaneous song of praise. In it, she listed a number of ways that God had been faithful to her people. As we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth, this is a great time for you to also sing a song of praise and remember the ways God has been faithful to you!

Exploding with Joy

December 13, 2020 • Various

Waiting for "Joy to Break Through" into your life this Advent season? Join us this Sunday for our annual Sunday School Christmas program. Be filled with joy and delight as we experience the familiar yet powerful story of the first Christmas portrayed by the children of Hope including well-known Christmas carols and reflections from our Family Life Minister Patra Mueller and Youth Minister Jonathan Kopecky.

Prepare the Way of the Lord

December 6, 2020 • Peter Mueller

This year of 2020 has been one for the record books - and not in a good way. Many people are weary, frustrated, and wondering when things will get better. The people of Judah living in Babylonian exile felt the same way. The prophet Isaiah spoke God’s word of comfort and hope to them - that the kings and kingdoms of this earth are tiny compared to God and His greatness, and it is His intention to restore strength to those who are weary. As we prepare to celebrate Christmas and await the return of Jesus, this is good news for all of us!

People Get Ready

November 29, 2020 • Peter Mueller

As we head into the Advent season, we remember that Isaiah and the other prophets of old challenged the people to be ready for the coming of the Messiah one day. Once Jesus arrived, he challenged his first disciples and us to get ready for his return one day. As much as the first and the second coming of Jesus represent good news for those who repent and believe, it spells bad news for those who persist in rebellion and rejection of God. As we get ready to celebrate Christmas, the weeks of Advent are a time for us to get ready in our hearts as we look forward to the glorious return of Jesus!