What We'll Do in the New Earth

May 26, 2019 • Peter Mueller

Think of the ways you have been wronged, think of some of the horrible injustices and wrong actions that have been committed in this world - the holocaust, human trafficking, the colossal loss of life in the wars of the ages. It’s all absolutely evil. What would it be like if evil were one day completely vanquished and vanished from our existence? How much more full and carefree would our lives be? That is what’s coming in the new heavens and new earth! An existence where evil simply doesn’t exist and we are free to fully be ourselves and reign with God in areas of our gifting - it’s going to be amazing!

Creation Made New

May 12, 2019 • Peter Mueller

One of the great mysteries and challenges of life is the juxtaposition of exquisite highs and heart-breaking lows - we love, only to lose those we have loved. It’s been said that in the midst of all of the joy to be found in this life, life is a long series of goodbyes. This leaves us longing and aching for something more, something lasting - and at the renewal of all things our hope is that much of what has been lost will be restored as heaven and earth and we ourselves are made new! This a message of great encouragement for moms on Mother’a Day and anyone else who needs a deep hope for the unpredictable nature of this life.

Your Story Told Rightly

May 19, 2019 • Peter Mueller

Life as broken people in a broken world relentlessly strips away bits and pieces of what we were and what we were meant to be. We experience that physically in our health and youth and we experience it in the vitality of the deepest inner parts of our being. To be sure, God is even now about His work of redeeming and restoring what has been lost in our lives, but full restoration is still coming. And when it does come with Jesus on the last day, then our stories will at last be told rightly, the world will see both the suffering we have endured and God’s healing and restoration of us into ourselves finally made complete, made perfect, made whole.

The Power of Our Hope

June 9, 2019 • Peter Mueller

Today's message concludes our series on All Things New. Where is your hope set? What is it you look to give you hope for your life, especially when things are not as they ought to be? It might be temporary things like a great latte or the next beautiful sunset, or it might even be heaven - but the greatest hope of the first Christians was life after heaven - the return of Jesus to the earth when He makes all things new, when heaven and earth are both renewed and joined together, when heaven very literally comes to earth - this was their great hope, and it can be ours too because it’s what our future holds as we trust in Jesus!