Systematic Theology: Humanity & God’s Plan of Redemption

LDI Class

October 19, 2023
1:00 - 3:30pm

The Humanity & God’s Plan of Redemption session of the Systematic Theology Class is for students who want to know how the Bible sees the biggest problems in our world today, and what God intends to do about them. This class looks at the bad news of why humanity keeps taking one step forward and two steps back. And yet, the story doesn’t end with futility and failure. This class will help us see how God is our good Creator who has a beautiful plan of redemption that does away with our greatest enemies, sin and death. Creation & God’s Providence (but not election) Miracles, Prayer, Angels & Demons, Satan Creation of Humanity - Male and Female Sin & The Problem of Evil Covenants and Hermeneutics When: Thursday afternoons for 5 weeks Teachers: Paul Stiver, Brian Silver Cost: $30 per 5 week session