What's Up with Heaven, What's Down with Hell?

LDI Class

October 29, 2023
6:30 - 8:30pm

While every Christian believes in Heaven, not everyone knows what to look forward to let alone expect. If we gave 30 Christians a 3x5 card to write down what heaven will be like, most likely, no two of them would be the same. "I think I heard something about a mansion?", "For sure the streets are made of gold right?" "I heard we get wings like angels." And on and on those comments would continue. So this class will look at what the Bible has to say about eternity, versus popular culture. Likewise, one of the most difficult concepts of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus is this idea of Hell, or final retribution. It's difficult to talk about simply because we all have friends and family who were not Christians die in our lifetimes. So, is this a literal place of fire and smoke? Do souls get annihilated after death? This class will examine four of the most popular views in contemporary Christianity filtered through what the Bible teaches about the doctrine of hell and ultimately how Jesus will make everything wrong become untrue, including suffering and death. Length: 4 week class Dates Oct 29th-Nov 19th Instructor: Brian Silver Cost: $25