LDI Class

October 15, 2023
12:00 - 2:30pm

There are a wide variety of backgrounds & experiences that people come from when they enter into SHAPE class, yet discipleship is a lifelong process of learning and discovery regardless of someone’s past. We hope that SHAPE helps each person better understand themselves so that they can find productive and satisfying places to serve within the body of Christ. SHAPE class will help you: gain awareness of your Values to live them out for the common good, learn your Spiritual Gifts to build-up the body of Christ, know what your Heart beats for (passions) to exercise it for God’s kingdom, discover your Abilities (strengths) to channel them in love toward others, understand your Personality to relate well with & appreciate all image-bearers, reflect on your Experiences to see how they’ve shaped you & may benefit others. 6 week long class Cost: $30