Out of the Cave

From the Cave to Purpose

Defining Decisions to Survive

October 10, 2021 • Pastor Quovadis Marshall • Psalm 57:2, 1 Samuel 23:1–2, 1 Samuel 24

Daily decisions prepare us for defining decisions. - Pastor Q

Out of the Cave of Depression

September 19, 2021 • Pastor Quovadis Marshall • 1 Kings 19:1–3

Look at the life of Elijah as he enters a cave of depression and 9 contributing factors of that cave. We pray this message will give you hope and freedom. Remember, stay in a life-giving community and know that God is always faithful. You can trust Him.

The Cave of Isolation

September 26, 2021 • Pastor Quovadis Marshall • Proverbs 17:17, Psalm 23:2, Proverbs 18:1, 1 Kings 19, Galatians 6:1

Do not enter a cave of isolation. Instead, be in community with others and let them in on what's going on. Find out the 4 types of people that will strengthen you and keep you out of the cave in this message series.

Changed in the Cave

October 3, 2021 • Pastor Quovadis Marshall • Psalm 142:1–5, Psalm 56:8, 1 Samuel 22:1–2, Psalm 141:8

Join us as Pastor Q shares four principles for transformation during your time in the cave.