Staff Bios

John DeVere

Senior Pastor

John has been involved in ministry for over 40 years in one form or another. First serving in southern California at rescue missions in San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area and later in Oklahoma City as a Youth Pastor, Worship Leader, Sound and Lights guy, Children’s Church minister as well as lawn care and general maintenance and carpentry…you get the picture. :) The primary focus has always been “getting people done” instead of getting “things” done. Seeing others growing in their faith has always been the joy of ministry for John. He calls himself a Practical Theologian; if it does not apply on the street, if it does not establish the believer and move him/her toward discipleship, it does not apply in the church. He has very little room for what he calls “mind candy” theology. He was first licensed with the Foursquare Gospel Church in 2005 and ordained in 2009. With his wife, Robin, they have served this congregation through the name changes, address changes, and leadership changes for more than thirty years and have now been serving in the role of Senior Pastor since May of 2009. Some of the things he enjoys in his spare time are woodworking, music, and CNC woodcarving.

Donny Sims

Children's Pastor

Donny has been serving in ministry for over 40 years, serving as a children’s pastor and youth pastor at different times throughout his time in ministry. Donny has been a licensed Foursquare minister since 2009 and has served as a full time associate pastor at Hope Church since 1999. Donny and his wife Cami serve as the leaders of children’s ministry here at Hope. Donny and Cami are parents to two daughters, Jessica and Laura, and grandparents of two grandchildren, Olive and Owen. In his free time, Donny enjoys spending time with his kids and grandkids, ride his motorcycle, and geocaching.

Anthony Coleman

Youth Pastor

Anthony has been serving in ministry since the age of eleven, serving in discipleship, worship, and evangelism at different times throughout his time in ministry, and is currently the youth pastor here at Hope church. Anthony has been a licensed Foursquare minister since 2010 and has served at Hope Church for 8 years. Anthony and his wife Karen are parents to two daughters, Adonyia and Adora, and two sons, Valiant and Arthurian. In his free time, Anthony enjoys reading and writing, composing music, camping and fishing, watching and playing sports, and traveling.

Chris Johnson

Worship Pastor

Chris has been serving in ministry since 2002, serving in the areas of local missions, worship, and media. Today, Chris serves as the worship pastor at Hope. He has been at Hope since 2007 and has been a licensed minister with Foursquare since 2014 and was ordained at Hope Church in November of 2018. Chris and his wife Christy are the parents of four children, Hezekiah, Eliakim, Isaiah, and Ava. In his free time, Chris enjoys playing video games with his kids, adventuring with his family, and watching movies with Christy.

Christy Johnson

Nursery Director

Christy has been serving in ministry since 2001 in the areas of youth and nursery. Christy married Chris in 2006 and they've been serving together at Hope Church since 2012. Today, Christy serves as the nursery director, and is a singer on the worship team. Christy and Chris are the parents of four children, Hezekiah, Eliakim, Isaiah, and Ava. In her free time, Christy enjoys watching movies, doing arts and crafts with the kids, and spending time with her friends.

Alan Schmook

Men's Ministry Leader

Alan has been in ministry since 1976. He’s served as a Sunday School teacher, Church Camp director, Associate Pastor and most recently as Men’s Ministry Director at Hope Church. He’s been ministering to the Body of Christ and to the men of the church, with his focus on encouraging them to be all that Christ has called and provided for them to be. He’s been serving at Hope Church for almost 7 years. In his free time he enjoy: spending time with God, ministering to individuals, reading, snow skiing, golf and travel.

April Lassiter

Women's Ministry Leader

April has been involved in ministry as far back as High School. April and two other girls taught a Sunday School class for elementary students. While attending BFC, as an adult, she was part of the leadership team for Stephen's Ministry, from 2004-2006. She has been involved in Women's Ministry at Hope since January 2013 and was passed the baton, to become the leader, in Jan of 2016. Her focus has been to encourage EVERY woman that they are beautifully and wonderfully made. That we each have our own gifts and talents to be used to grow the body of Christ and encourage each other. We each have a past of valleys and victories, and we can use those experiences to encourage other women. We are in this journey of life together, so let's take the hand of the lady next to us and worship together and grow together. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outside (spring, summer and fall); "playing in the dirt" (gardening, flower beds, planting), water tubing, swimming, riding her motorcycle, exercising, sports, baking, quilting, watching her grandkids play, spending time with family, reading, and a movie occasionally.

Deborah O'Neal

Hospitality Team Leader

Debbie has been serving in ministry for over 40 years, serving as a children’s and adults’ pastor at different times throughout this time. Debbie has been a licensed Foursquare minister since 1999 and was ordained in 2009. Debbie has been at Hope Church since 1992 and today serves as our director of Hope Bible Institute and Hospitality Team Leader. Debbie is the mother of Julianne and Jennifer, and the wife of the late Richard O’Neal. In her free time, Debbie enjoys reading, sewing, and spending time with her friends.

Paul & Dorothy Krempl

Cleansing Stream Coordinators

Paul & Dorothy Krempl have been serving in ministry for 40 years. They started out as missionaries to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Since moving to OKC in 2009, they have been leading the Cleansing Stream program for Hope Church. Cleansing Stream is an international ministry devoted to helping people get set free of the baggage that hinders their relationship with God and other people. They offer classes in the Spring and Fall.