Updates from the fields that are ready to harvest with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Urgent Need-HBM India

Please Help Brother Stephen • Jeff Hawkins

Stephen, one of our indigenous leaders in India recently has undergone some major medical work requiring over $1,500 in medical bills. Would you help today by making a contribution to meet this Pastor's needs?

Witnessing and Church Planting in Zambia

The HBMZ DMP coordinator was joined by HBM Congo and Musenga director Allan Ilunga and Pastor Danny Makina the HBMZ Solwezi District Leader and HBMZ asst. Administrator Pastor Peter Mwewa up into the extreme Northwest of the Northwestern province of Zambia. Hard travel and diligence produced good results. They are with Pastor Mbuya in Yambeji now. Thank you for praying for a successful and safe ministry trip for the team. The first night of the #JESUSFILM presentation had over 300 villagers in attendance! PTL! 25% of them came forward to indicate receiving Christ. The next morning they divided into 9 teams and 39 more people received Christ!

Prabhu and team traveling with the Gospel

April 26, 2019 • Prabhukiran

Prabhukiran and his Disciple Makers Team are traveling to a deep forest area to share with a poor local church the DMP and to encourage them in the Gospel to keep being faithful to the LORD. Praise the Lord for these servants of God willing to take the Gospel into places that are dangerous and impossible for western missionaries to even enter. PRAY for them. Next month Prabhu and his DMP team will be traveling to 10 new places. Support the work in India. Designate your gift, India.

Breaking Mission News April 23,2019

Mozambique Cyclones • April 23, 2019 • Johan Gous

Johan Gous, President of HBM, shares the news of the devastation of Cyclone Idai and the threat of another one.

April 15 Trip with Prabhu

Presenting the DMP

Prabhu and wife Swarna have traveled to a place to share the disciple makers program with a church. They will meet up with one of their Teams that will help them. Go to www.facebook.com/himindia for more pictures and regular reports.