2017 C3 - Stacy Lenarcic, MS, CGC

with Stacy Lenarcic, MS, CGC

March 16, 2017 • Stacy Lenarcic

The 2017 C3 - Carolina Cancer Care. Let's talk Genetic Testing. Stacy Lenarcic talks to a group of medical personnel about the need of Genetic Testing.

2018 Cancer Forum

Hope Abounds Presents - The Cancer Forum

Hope Abounds presents the 2018 Cancer Forum. Professionals in cancer treatment show actual case studies that they have had in their offices. This programs helps everyone see the needs of proper healthcare management and genetic testing.

C3 2017 Dr Daniel Luba, MD

Carolina Cancer Care (C3) 2017 • Dr. Daniel Luba,MD

Dr. Daniel Luba, MD from Monterey Bay, California discusses the importance of genetic testing with an emphasis of Lynch disease.

2016 Cancer Forum

Learn and enjoy a panel discussion from oncology doctors and cancer specialists as they answer questions about today's cancer treatments.