FOCUSING ON YOU - Episode 025

Colon Cancer


Heather talks with Dr. Mariam Sauer, MD about colon cancers and many topics to help you understand the cancers and diseases concerning gastroenterological issues.

FOCUSING ON YOU - Episode 030

Oncotype and MammaPrint • Heather Jeter

In today's Focusing On You, Elizabeth talks with Heather Jeter from Biotheranostics, Inc. They discuss breast cancer treatments, Oncotype and MammaPrint testing.

FOCUSING ON YOU - Episode 029

Hope Abounds Cancer Patient Resource Notebook • Lisa Cawthorne

In this episode of Focusing On You, Lisa will go through the Cancer Patient Resource Notebook that Hope Abounds, Inc created. This helpful notebook was developed over several years of studies and gathering information to help anyone during their active cancer treatment.

FOCUSING ON YOU - Episode 028

Cardiotoxicity • Dr. Susan Dent, M.D.

This very interesting Focusing On You is an interview with Dr. Susan Dent, M.D. from Duke Cancer Institute (www.dukehealth.org). Our topic is "Cardiotoxicity" - the effects of chemotherapy on the heart.