Get it Done

Since its inception, HHICC has experienced the unwavering faithfulness of God, who has guided and led us. Our mission to share the Message of Jesus and lead people to follow Him has remained constant. Yet, now is the time for a renewed commitment, a fresh enthusiasm, and a new destination. Often, th


Have you ever experienced doubt or uncertainty about Jesus, His claims, and the resurrection? The skepticism that fuels our uncertainty can leave us in a constant state of indecision. Interestingly, even individuals who had direct interactions with Jesus had their own questions and doubts, and yet G

The Unfinished Life

God is constantly working in us, but He also promises to complete us. Too often, we give up on ourselves and God’s “unfinished” work which causes us pain, confusion and even disappointment with God Himself. What if we had the confidence to trust God’s continuing work in us? Join us as Todd unpacks h


The beginning of a new year gives us the opportunity to evaluate, re-up, and reset our lives in many ways. In this message series, Justin Boyter will be challenging us to take a look at what it means to be committed, connected, contributing, and then transformed through the body life of HHICC. Are y

The Beauty of the Cross

Christmas Eve Candle Light Services

Identity: Who Does God Say That I Am?

We live in a culture with many voices telling us who we are and what we should be. In this series, we will look at who God says we are and the importance of replacing the lies we hear every day with the truth from God’s Word.

Follow the Leader

Early in life we learn what it means to be a leader… and a follower. Most of us played the game “Follow the Leader” that seemed simple at first but was made much more complicated depending on various circumstances. As Christians we are instructed to follow the words of Jesus, and just like the game,


If Jesus Christ came to set us free, why do most Christians act like they are imprisoned? Stuck in their old pre-Christian issues or bound by religious rules. In this series, we will look at the most common factors that hold us back from living the abundant life that Jesus died to give us and discov


The Bible makes it clear that there is more than what we see here on Earth. In addition to God Himself, there are invisible realms and beings that impact our tangible world. In this series, we’ll look at the unseen elements of our faith and discover how we can be equipped for when the supernatural i

My Reason

People had preconceived ideas of Jesus before He arrived and while He was here on earth. In this series leading up to Easter, we’ll look at significant moments in the life of Jesus where He reveals why God sent Him here, His reason for arriving the way He did, and why He had to die and rise again fo

Messy Spirituality

Throughout the history of the Church, there are foundational doctrines that have been interpreted and taught in various ways, leading to confusion for many Christ-followers. In this series, we will examine a few of those “messy” issues and take a deep dive into what the Bible actually says about the

God Doesn't Need Anything

God is holy, almighty, and completely self-sufficient. So, if that’s the case, then why did He create us? The truth is, God is a relational God who loves us passionately and desires for us to co-labor with Him. In this series, we will dispel the misunderstanding that God needs our time, abilities, a

An Evening in December Christmas Concert Highlights

Enjoy this year's performances of some of. your favorite songs!

The Divine Interruption

We celebrate Christmas today because of one big divine interruption. God often interrupts our lives with things we’ve never seen, but we tend to panic out of fear instead of yielding to His promises. God typically doesn’t work in the ways we would anticipate or on our timetable. In The Divine Interr


Before Jesus died on the cross, He gave His disciples a final illustration to live by– He is the vine, we are the branches, our job is to simply… ABIDE. But we must make a daily choice to either abide or live apart from Jesus. In this series, we’ll discover how to abide in Christ wherever we are and


Let’s face it… today’s church is filled with people who like all the benefits of being a Christ-follower but think it strips away too much control, comfort, or personal preference. As a result, many people take and apply what they like from God’s Word, and ignore the rest. In this series, we’ll unpa


HHICC Podcast

Short Stories: The Parables of Jesus

Jesus used parables to communicate spiritual truths in a clear, concise, and creative way. These short stories were designed to prompt us to seek deeper understanding of the Kingdom of God. In this series, we will unpack the parables of Jesus to give us greater insight into God’s Word and how to app

Landing Lights

The phrase “God’s will” is often used by religious and irreligious people alike, but many of us are confused by what God’s will really means and how to discover it. In our new series, Landing Lights, we will highlight five scriptural checkpoints, and learn how to apply these principles to help us


Jesus’ life was marked by restoration. For us, restoration is making something old look new. When Jesus restores, He takes an old thing and transforms it into something brand new. Through His death and resurrection, He restores us physically and spiritually, and one day, He will return to restore th