Fall Semester Curriculum

Part 1 & 2

In the beginning God created… and He saw that it was GOOD. In this study we will be looking at Genesis 1-4, the beginning record of His creation and discovering what He calls GOOD. As you read and discuss these things you may find yourself in tension between what God established and where the world is at today; you may even find yourself in conflict between your definition versus His definition of GOOD. I want to encourage you to embrace the conflict this may cause in your life. Mankind’s first act after disobedience in the garden was to hide from God, avoiding the conversation and confrontation of their sin. It is within our nature to run. Yet, the only way to find restoration and to see the world brought back to God’s order and GOOD, we must stop this game of hide and seek. Be intentional about laying every thought, paradigm, and assumption you have before the Lord. Fight the desire to avoid, run from, or hide.