Anti Fragile

Great Faith

The Greatest Story Ever Told


Non-Series Sermons

This Is My Story

Live It Up 2018

It's Not Rocket Science

Daniel provides a clear example of simple Christian truths for us to follow.

Love Jesus

February 2018


God's truth is black and white and even though there is no gray area, that's where so many of us live today. We prefer to live by the concepts or facts we wish to be true, rather than those known to be true...the gray area. Join us as we learn to navigate the space between True and True(ish).

Winter 2017


Sola- a Latin word that means “alone”. And paired with a few other words, Sola forms the bedrock of historic Christianity. Join us for our new series “Sola”, where we look at Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone, For God’s Glory Alone.

Stranger Things

While we are going through our normal daily lives, there is another world, an unseen world, that is seeking to influence us. Filled with spiritual beings, angels, and demons, this strange unseen world is about to be shown to you.

Know Way

Back To School

Three part series focusing on growth and learning

Summer 2017

Non-series sermons from Summer 2017

SummerFest 2017

Messages from the SummerFest Thursday evenings at HighPoint Orlando


Two part series that ties in with HighPoint's Victory VBS week

Hidden Figures

The New Testament is full of amazing people being used by God to fulfill His redemptive mission. You may know some of their names- Peter… John… Paul. But some other amazing people aren’t as well known. Come learn about Priscilla... Mary…Salome…Lydia… and how God uses Hidden Figures.

Guest Speakers

Sermons from Guest Speakers throughout the year.