Family Worship Day

March 26, 2023
10:00 - 11:00am

Reminders for Sundays with active kids. We love the sounds of kids and babies in worship. It’s wonderful when they can engage in worship with us. And whenever you feel the need to allow your kids to move around and be louder, feel free to walk them to the back of the Fellowship Hall to grab Activity sheets and Praise Packs and stretch their legs. The Community Room is also serving as our Nursery for kids ages 4-35 months and a Nursing Mom’s area. If your child is older than 35 months and still needs a place to move during worship…Grown ups, feel free to stay with your child and use the preschool side of the Community room to play with the provided toys or draw. This is serving as the alternative to our former Training Room. The worship service is playing on a large TV so you can listen in on the service.