Video Short

The Shortest Verse in the New Testament

October 23, 2020 • Pastor George Borghardt

The Shortest verse in the bible is one all the confirmands want to have for memorization. Why did it happen though? If Jesus knew he was gonna resurrect Lazarus why is He weeping? Host: Rev. George Borghardt, Pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bossier City, Louisiana and president of the youth organization Higher Things, Inc. If you have questions or topics that you'd like discussed on Higher Things Video Shorts, email them to content@higherthings.org. ------ To support the work of Higher Things, give today at https://higherthings.org/giving Join the conversation on Social Media: - http://facebook.com/higherthings - http://twitter.com/higherthings - http://instagram.com/higherthings ------ Sounds used: Ship's Bell - Mike Koenig at SoundBible.com