Faith Like A Child

Simple Forgiveness

Part 6 • April 16, 2017 • Brad Bowen

Our lives are full of sin that leads to death, but Christ has given us the gift of forgiveness, and even grace. If we can't be good enough to earn our way to heaven, what can we do to be forgiven and give forgiveness?

Simple Trust

Part 5 • April 9, 2017 • Brad Bowen

Can we trust God? Fully give ourselves to His will and know that He is working things out for our good? And how can we surrender?

Simple Prayer

Part 4 • April 2, 2017 • Brad Bowen

Jesus taught us a simple way of praying that would help us connect with the Father. How can we learn how to pray with faith like a child? How does our Father react to us?

Simple Worship

Part 3 • March 26, 2017 • Brad Bowen

To live a life of worship is to tell God that He is worth it. What are different styles and ways of worshipping our Father, and how can we worship Him better?

Simple Grace

Part 2 • March 19, 2017 • Brad Bowen

What is the difference between grace and mercy? Understanding the gift of grace leads us to understanding the difference between knowing about God, and knowing God Himself.

Simple Faith

Part 1 • March 12, 2017 • Brad Bowen

Theology is a complicated thing. As we try to glean the exact interpretation of scripture, opinions can vary. But faith can be simple. Let's get back to simple faith.