Easter at Heritage

April 21, 2019 • Pavi Thomas

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Mystery of the Vine

May 19, 2019 • Andy Sieberhagen

Application Questions: 1. Why is one of the most dangerous things in the world, a wrong belief? 2. Why are people so vulnerable to the teachings of false prophets? 3. Why do think that some turn away from the truth to believe myths? 4. In testing the fruit why are doctrine, lifestyle, and character all critical? 5. How does God prune us in order to bear more fruit? 6. Have you ever been deceived about something significant? 7. What motivates you to get to know Jesus more? 8. What is your biggest challenge at this time to abiding?

Wild At Heart Men's Bootcamp

JUN 6-9

In this weekend experience, John Eldredge (via DVD), author of “Wild at Heart,” helps guys explore key questions about who God intends for them to be and the spiritual battles that often occur. This is not a retreat where guys break into small groups and share their feelings. This weekend is a time of peace, restoration, laughter, and camaraderie. Each man has extended time with Jesus in a place free of distraction – one that is bursting with the beauty and wonder of God’s creation. A group of guys, a luxury log home in beautiful Hocking Hills, surrounded by 14 acres with stunning views of forest, lake, and waterfall. This weekend involves straightforward conversations, quiet reflections, meals, movies, and adventures. Event cost $265

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