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September 18, 2016

September 18, 2016 • Pavi Thomas

SERMON NOTES (click arrow to the right to open) Main Idea: Jesus does and says things that only the God of the Old Testament can do. Jesus is directly asserting that He is the God of the Old Testament. Sermon Notes: - Mark 2:1-7; Jesus heals a paralyzed man and tells him his sins are forgiven, but the teachers of the law are horrified because only God can forgive sins (Isaiah 43:25). - Mark 4:35-41; Jesus and his disciples cross the sea on a boat, but a large storm whips up while crossing. The disciples wake Jesus, who was sleeping, and Jesus commands the winds and waves to be still, and they obey (Psalm 107:23-29). - It is God and God alone who has the power to calm the storm, and Jesus did just that - Over and over again Jesus speaks and acts as the God of the OT. - The religious leaders are horrified. Who is this man acting like God? And he has real power, what is going on? - The disciples loved him, but were terrified when he said and did things only God could do. They didn't know what to think. - He's saying and doing things only God can do, but he doesn't want his true identity to be known - Mark 3:7-12; Jesus heals a demon possessed man. The demons cry out that he is the Son of God, but Jesus commands them to be silent.Why would Jesus do that? - Mark 9:2-9; Jesus took Peter, James, and John to a mountain top, and he was transfigured. Moses and Elijah appeared, talking about Jesus. A voice declared "This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him!" But then it all vanished when they looked up, and Jesus told them not to talk about it until the Son of Man was raised from the dead. - Given all the secrecy, he finally reveals himself when He is on trial in front of the religious leaders before He is crucified. - He reveals himself when he is powerless before his mockers and accusers. Why? - Mark 8:27-30; Jesus asks, "Who do you say I am?" Peter replies, "You are the Messiah" - 8:31-32; He tells the disciples that the Son of Man will be betrayed, suffer, and killed, but will rise after three days. Peter takes Jesus aside and rebukes Him - 8:33; Jesus replies "Get behind me, Satan!" - Peter, like us all, want the crown, but not the cross - You cannot overcome the abuse of power by exerting power. You cannot overcome evil by using the weapons of evil. Violence generates more violence. Evil takes over those who fight it. - To defeat death and evil, Jesus dies - Mark 14:27-31; Peter claims he will never leave Jesus, but Jesus tells him that he will deny Him three times - We are all Peter, all our betrayals were placed on Jesus, and he dies for us. - But death isn't the end. There is resurrection. When we follow the Jesus way into death, there is always resurrection. - But Peter knows nothing of what is going on. He believes he is a complete failure. So he goes back to what he knows, and goes back to fishing. - John 21:4-9; 12-14 - Now that Peter's heart is settled, Jesus turns to restoration. He asks Peter three times if he loves Him, not because Jesus doesn't know that Peter loves Him, but for Peter's sake, to confess it out loud, and receive his calling back. The Gospel has three parts to it: 1. Because of His love for us, Jesus has overcome evil 2. Now that He has destroyed the evil we created, He offers us forgiveness and a new way of living 3. He invites us, as His people, to take up the weapons of grace and love and forgiveness, and join Him in removing all evil from His good world. Application Questions: 1. Why would Jesus want to prevent others from revealing who He is? 2. Why would Jesus wait until He is powerless and defenseless to reveal His identity? 3. How is it that love and forgiveness are the only way to defeat evil? Why does it not work to repay evil with evil? 4. How is the initial command to the disciples of "follow me" at the beginning of his ministry different than the command of "follow me" after Jesus' resurrection?

Jesus 2.0

September 11, 2016 • September 11, 2016 • Pavi Thomas

SERMON NOTES (click arrow to the right to open) Main Idea: When the storms come, which they will, you have to listen to Jesus and put his words into practice in your life. Sermon Notes: Crisis: Every crisis is an invitation and a warning to turn back to God. Our Response should be thoughtful, disciplined, and sustained, even with the Chaos around us. The storms will come, so when they do, we must: 1. Listen to what Jesus says. 2. Put his words into Practice. Challenge: Commit right now to doing these two things, because they will bring you abundant life. Come to e4 on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm to learn how to apply sermons to daily life. There are 3 ways people can respond to Jesus. 1. Luke 19: 1-4, 18: 24-26, 19: 5-10 - Zacchaeus. --- Zacchaeus needed to be saved FROM his wealth. --- He was free from it when he could give it away, and therefore saved. *What do YOU need to be saved from? What blessing in your life has displaced the Blesser? This response: Honesty, repentance, forgiveness, salvation, freedom. 2. Mark 10:17-23 - Rich, devout man. --- Jesus is saying that what this man lacks is nothing, he has everything, and that's the problem. --- He wants us to be free from all the stuff. --- Our hears were made for him. --- All of human history is the story of man trying to find something other than God to make him happy. *What is it that YOU can't imagine giving up for any reason? This response: I can't do that, it's too much. 3. Mark 1:16-20 - Fishers of Men. --- Unlike Zacchaeus, nothing here suggests they had something to repent from or that they were looking for something more. --- this was an open invitation, received with glad acceptance --- Matthew 13:44-46 --- It's an invitation to spend the rest of your life with Jesus This response: eager, joyful abandonment Summary of Responses: 1. You've spent your life climbing the wrong ladder and he finally tells you that you can come down, so you leave it behind. 2. You walk away, because it costs too much. 3. You eagerly, joyfully dance away with the Lord. Bonus: Fourth way is to stay on the sideline - have a temporary, superficial relationship and then leave him behind. Application Questions: 1. What ladder are you climbing? 2. What blessing have you allowed to displace the Blesser? 3. What things are you not giving up for the Lord?

Come and See

September 25, 2016 • September 25, 2016 • Pavi Thomas

Luke - In View of the Resurrection

October 2, 2016 • October 2, 2016 • Pavi Thomas

SERMON NOTES (click arrow to the right to open) Main Idea: Sin leads to death, BUT if we are in Jesus death is cause for CELEBRATION. In dying we are set free from our sinful nature and become the people we were created to be. This allows us to live a transformed life free from fear. Sermon Notes -Recap of the sermon series so far: -The only thing that matters is listening to and following Jesus -Jesus defeated evil with weakness, forgiveness, and mercy and we are called to the same -The glory of God is most fully revealed in self-sacrificial love -This week we are focusing on Luke’s gospel account -Luke 23:33-34, 44-46 -Sin and death go together hand in hand (can’t have one without the other) -Sin seems so attractive in the moment but it sweeps the rug out from under us and leads to death of all kinds (Not just physical). -e.g. a man has a relationship with his ex while in the midst of another relationship. -Isaiah 53:4-6 -God promised through the prophet Isaiah over 600 years ago that Jesus would bear our sin on himself -Our sin put Jesus on the cross and killed him -Friday goes by, as does Saturday. Jesus is still in the tomb. All hope is lost or is it… -Luke 24:1-11, 13-36 -Sunday comes and Jesus is no longer in the grave! He has risen by the power of God -Sin and death have been defeated -But the disciples didn’t understand this at first -As modern day disciples we often forget the gravity of this as well, living in despair due to the sin and death all around us -Luke 24:36; Jesus’s death and resurrection give us the ultimate peace -There are four ways this peace leads to a changed life: 1. We have total and complete peace with God. Jesus destroyed the power of sin on the cross so we no longer need to fear when we sin. Just take your sin to Jesus and he will sort it out. This leads to a transformed life because we understand how much God loves us. 2. The peace we have with Jesus causes us to view suffering differently. Not only do we understand that we suffer because we are fighting against evil (means we are doing something right) but we rejoice because our suffering is making us more like Jesus (Rom 5:2-5). 3. We no longer fear death because Jesus defeated sin on the cross. Death is actually gain (Phil. 1-21). When we die we will lose our sinful nature (old self) and become the people God originally intended us to be. 4. This peace gives us freedom to live for Jesus. We are no longer tied down by the fear of death and the desire to maximize our possessions and accomplishments on earth. Jesus becomes our treasure. Application Questions: 1. In what ways have you seen sin yield "death" in your life? 2. Are there any areas in your life that you are seeking peace outside of Jesus and his finished work on the cross? 3. How would your life look differently if you lived without fear?