TECH Talks (wk 1)

Internet Safety and Child Exploitation

April 22, 2018

The following discussion has subject matter which is inappropriate for children. The presentation is meant for adults and teens to be aware of how they be can protect themselves from harming themselves online. You may prefer to watch it ahead of time before watching it with tweens.

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TECH Talks (wk 2)

Our Kids and Screen Time • April 15, 2018

Led by: Sally Buckles and Katie Morton of Brain Balance Our kids are sitting in front of screens more and more in our society. From restaurants to schools, our homes and even our church, screens continue to multiply in the world around us. What effect does this have on our children and teens? What are their brains thinking when they engage these screens on a daily basis? Could this screen time affect their brain development? Sally Buckles and Katie Morton explore the incredible research about the impact of pervasive technology use on child development and what we can do to help our children and teens.

TECH Talks (wk 3)

App discussion and what works • April 29, 2018

Led By: Student Pastor Dustyn Vanzant & Brady Berlin It seems every day a new app is springing up that our kids and teens want to use. Are there ways to know what these apps are? What have other parents found that works to help them keep up with technology and limit their child’s interaction to those things that benefit them? Join Dustyn Vanzant as he leads a discussion on the current trends in apps our students want to use and connect with other parents with what has worked for them and what has not.