The Way of the Apprentice

How to & Who to Disciple

November 1, 2020 • Ron Merrell

In today's teaching, we ask the question, "If we were to take our cues from Jesus, then how would we disciple someone else?". This is exactly what Pastor Ron discusses as he wraps up our current teaching series, The Way of the Apprentice. We are challenged and inspired by this timely and practical message that walks us through John 13 & John 14. As we analyze the actions and words of Jesus, we see ways that we can be imitators of Christ and how we can disciple others around us. Pastor Ron then opened a conversation around what his steps following Jesus are looking like right now and going forward. Pastor Mike also shared about how God is stirring him toward stepping out in obedience. Our time together today was huge in the life of our church. Pastor John and the Elders joined the stage as Pastor Ron and Pastor Mike shared about where God is leading. To watch our family update and to hear about what's coming next for Pastor Ron and Mike, check out the video below! https://youtu.be/e2DhFELdE2w

Us and Them

October 25, 2020 • John Challinor

Pastor John leads us through a conversation that addresses the inclination of viewing people through a lens that categorizes us from them. We begin to transition our mindset from having a divided mentality to seeing the humanity in people the way that God sees the humanity in people. We are challenged this week to set our heart on things above and to gain a heavenly perspective. In doing so, we begin to change our mindset from viewing people as being against us to being collectively for God. We as a people exist to encounter Jesus, to engage in our faith with Jesus, and to empower other people to go and do the same.

Disciples Make Disciples

October 18, 2020 • Ron Merrell

"One of the core essential things about being disciples of Jesus is that they GO they make other disciples". We have made it to week seven of the series, The Ways of the Apprentice, and we are LOVING this series. We've spent the last six weeks discussing different perspectives of being an apprentice of Jesus and now it's time to help others be discipled within their relation with Christ. Pastor Ron discusses 3 practical ways that we can be makers of disciples. In these steps, we see the importance of sharing the truth and hope of Jesus to those around us in our everyday lives. Today we are commissioned to GO and are left with the question, "who are you discipling, and who is discipling you?".

Your Blank Page

October 11, 2020 • Chris Simning

Our sixth week of The Ways of the Apprentice is brought to us by a special guest, Chris Simning. This week we are encouraged by Chris's life and the powerful message that he brings. As we take our apprenticeship with Jesus deeper, we discuss the importance of remaining in Christ. "To REMAIN is about Jesus breathing life into our stories and filling the blank page of your soul with purpose". Are you ready to step further into your purpose and to allow God to make your blank page a beautiful masterpiece? If your answer is yes, then check out today's message. If you would like to purchase Chris Simning's latest book, Scribbles, head over to Amazon through the link below! https://amzn.to/33RuSLt

Bad Math

October 4, 2020 • John Challinor

In our fifth week of our current series, The Ways of the Apprentice, Pastor John brings a new perspective to apprenticeship and discusses how we can be more like Jesus through grace and harmony. Join us as we dive into Mark 6:32-44 and look at how Jesus conveys the power of grace and harmony within the story of feeding the 5,000 men. Through the compassion that Jesus had for people, he stepped into action by extending grace which brought about harmony and unity. In our apprenticeship to Jesus, we too can step into action.

Self on the Shelf

September 27, 2020 • Ron Merrell

In week four of The Ways of the Apprentice, Pastor Ron discusses walks us through Mark 8:34 where we encounter a rather strong call to be Jesus' true disciples and he calls us to PUT OUR SELF ON THE SHELF and follow Him. In reading Mark 8 together, we will analyze and breakdown 3 aspects of our discipleship with Jesus and look at practical ways to directly apply these aspects to our life. Join us today as we look into ways to align our soul with the heart of God and as we take a step forward in our relationship with Jesus.

The Next Level

September 20, 2020 • Mike Gaston

We are in our third week of our current series, The Ways of the Apprentice. This week Pastor Mike talks about taking our apprenticeship with Christ to the next level by the act of listening, servanthood and discipleship. "Being a servant of Jesus is good; being his disciple is better. Don't be one without the other". As we dive into the story of Mary and Martha, we find that this story was given to us so that we can find ourselves in the midst of it. Today we self reflect and evaluate our own life in hopes to see where we fit within this story. Are you like Martha, who takes the description of a servant? Or are you more like Mary, who sits at the feet of Jesus as his disciple?

Who is Jesus for?

September 13, 2020 • John Challinor

In the second week of our series, The Ways of the Apprentice, Pastor John talks about the importance of living our life as if Jesus was living our lives for us. An apprenticeship is not just about gaining knowledge, but it is about the application through action, based on that knowledge. "If we are ever going to look like Jesus, who we are an apprentice to, we have to put things into action". Make sure to check out this week's message to learn about four practical action steps that we can take in order to take a step toward living more like Jesus.

What is a Disciple?

September 6, 2020 • Ron Merrell

As we begin our new series, The Ways of the Apprentice, We hear from Pastor Ron about what it means to be a disciple. We see that a disciple is a learner and follower, imitating that of their leader. What does that mean for us as followers of Jesus Christ? As we look at the two main components of being a disciple of Jesus, we learn how we too can follow him, be with him, and be sent out by him. This week we are reminded of the commission given to us by God - to GO and MAKE disciples! To hear more about how you can GO, tune into today's message and make sure to follow us for the rest of our series, The Way of the Apprentice.