Road Trip

In the sermon series titled "Road Trip", we are on a journey to see what we have possibly already seen before, and see it in a new light. We hope to create a new point of view by having a different line of sight, seeing things in a slightly different way.


August 30, 2020 • John Challinor

In Part 3 of "Road Trip", Pastor John wraps up the series by talking about the destination of our trip - stepping out into the journey that God has us in and allowing it to make a difference in our lives. How can we begin to live our lives with as little incompleteness in our journey, when it comes to our faith? It's time that we truly begin to start living out our faith through our actions and deeds - exemplifying what we really believe. Listen to today's message to hear about how you can put your faith into action.


August 23, 2020 • Ron Merrell

In part 2 of the sermon series "Road Trip", Pastor Ron talks about one specific gift that God has given us - the gift of friendship. As we dive into the thought of who is in the car with you on this Road Trip, we discuss the 4 types of friendships that we need to have with us along for the ride. Tune in to hear about the crucial role that friendships play in our lives and how we are able to grow deeper with God through our relationships.

Part 1

August 16, 2020 • John Challinor

In Part 1 of the series Road Trip, Pastor John discusses what it means to have a true craving for the Word of God and for the desires of His heart. "Whatever you're desiring will lead you to a source, and that source will lead you to an outcome". What is it that you're desiring? What is the source of that desire? And fruit is being produced as an outcome? These are all things that we discuss as we turn our perspective to the desires of God.