Global Vision

The Kingdom God Sees

GPS For Home

October 31, 2021 • John Challinor

In the same way that we select a destination on our GPS, how do we do this for our lives? As we route our GPS to home, we have to put God in the correct position. Join us as we wrap up our series on Global Vision and set our navigation to home and focus our attention on eternity.

Lenses to See a Spiritual Need

October 24, 2021 • Guest Speaker

Week four of Global Vision might feel a little different, as we hear from Jay Greer all the way from Japan! We're expectant as he shares with us the mission of Christ and how that mission is actively playing out all around the world.

The Way God Sees

Owen Wildman

For the third week of our series on Global Vision, we get to hear a special message from Pastor Owen! Join us for this timely message as we gain vision to see God's Kingdom through his line of sight.

Neighbors You See

October 10, 2021

We are extremely excited to welcome our global partner, Jamal, all the way from the country of Jordan! We are ready and expectant for the message that God will speak to us through him. Let's give Jamal a warm welcome, sit back, and get ready to expand your vision 👏

How Is Your Vision

October 3, 2021

We're very excited to begin our new series where we will revisit the entire narrative of God to catch a glimpse of His heart for His people. Throughout the next couple of weeks, we will see how we fit into this story of loving all God's people both individually and as a family. Focus in as we check our vision and align our hearts to the mission of Jesus.