Good News

Advent 2021


December 19, 2021 • Owen Wildman

This weekend Pastor Owen wrapped up our Advent season by talking to us about the peace that accompanies the arrival of our Savior. No matter the season we're in, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the chaos that lives all around us. This Christmas season is a great reminder that our peace isn't based on the outcome of our situation but it's based on the good news that has been given to us.

Given Savior

John Challinor

The season of Advent is all about the anticipation for what is to come and let's be honest... There is something great coming this Christmas! In the arrival of our Savior, there is freedom to be found as we grasp that Jesus came to earth on a rescue mission for humanity. As we shift our perspective towards the birth of our Savior and the freedom found within, we find a new motivation to care for the needs of those within our community. How does this shape the way you step into today? What would it look like if we were motivated by service?

True Joy

December 5, 2021 • Todd Jones

This weekend we got to hear a timely message from Pastor Todd on having true joy, even when things aren't always joy-filled. In the same way that the first Christmas was a little messy, our own Christmas season can oftentimes be a bit of a mess too. When things are a mess and aren't going the way we would hope, how can we begin to find joy in the midst of these challenges that we face? 1. Believe what God says over what we feel 2. Turn your attention toward Jesus 3. Live the life of purpose you were created for

Names of God

November 28, 2021 • John Challinor

This past weekend Pastor John kicked off our Advent series and stepped into a conversation around the names of God. When you recognize the name of Jesus, you can know that there is no other name that brings salvation. Emmanuel, God with us, savior of the world. Knowing the names of God has the power to influence all of you as you step into a brand new week, bringing you: 💫 Confidence 💫 Comfort 💫 Clarity 💫 A Cause for Celebration